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Leafpool's p.o.v
"what is it?"Jayfeather hissed angrily.
"My kits-" She was cut of sa pamamagitan ng another painful spasm.
"Are coming." He finished.
"How did-"
"I know," "Leafpool I have seen lots of kits be born."
"Help me!"
"Fine, fine"He meowed.
"leafpool breath."
"I know!"
Leafpool felt another painful spasm.
"The first one is coming"
"Its a tom and it looks an awful lot like hawkfrost..."
"Leafpool what's going on?"
"The segundo one is a she-cat."
"They are Hawkfrost's kits"
"Leafpool, again."
"You do know he is evil."
"He is actually really nice!"
"Haven't you ever lo-"
"The third is a tom."
"Is that the last?" she gasped.
He felt her belly.
"One more."
"The last one is a tom."
leafpools p.o.v

A full moon floated above the Thunderclan camp. Leafpool lined up with the rest of the thunderclan Pusa as they set out towards the gathering. Leafpool was so excited this would be the first time she had seen Hawkfrost in moons! She was excited to tell him about the kits she was pregnant with.

Hawfrosts p.o.v

Hawkfrost searched the crowd of Pusa looking for her tabby pelt. It had been moons since he had seen her. Then he heard his name being called sa pamamagitan ng an angle "Hawkfrost?".
"Over here Leafpool!"
"I haven't seen you in forever!" she murmured brushing his pelt.
"Oh hawky I have something to tell you."
"we can't talk here!"He pointed his tail in the direction of a well sheltered bush.

Leafpool's p.o.v

Leafpool tumbled toward the palumpong hawkfrost had showed her. "What is it Leafpool?"Hawkfrost hissed.
"I am carrying your kits Hawkfrost."
"Leafpool, that's great!"

9 moons later...

Leafpool woke up to a agonizing pain in her belly
posted by Foxaline
From what I know, there WILL be a fifth series, and it is supposedly about the early clans. I am not sure whether it is about the start of the clans, the ancients or something else entirely, I just know that it will be before the Pusa came to the lake and before Firestar was born. In my opinion, I want warrior Pusa to keep going on, even though the warrior cat ideas are getting crazier (Supercats!?).
And even though I will miss the characters we have grown to know and love, I'm pretty excited that we get to see either the ancients that used to live at the lake, the start of the clans or something else with lots of new characters, new personalities and a awesome plot.