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 The Clan Alta mga asong lobo of County Meath
The Clan Alta Werewolves of County Meath
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

In the 6th Century a saint became very annoyed with a certain clan in County Meath, Ireland.

The reasons for his annoyance are Nawawala but the curse was this: two sa pamamagitan ng two, each member of Clan Allta must take the form of a lobo for seven years. After seven years if they survived in the wild, then they could regain their human form but two madami members of the clan must take their place in the wild.

Descendants of the original Clan Allta born during the cursed years inherited this seven-year werewolf curse. Religious records ipakita they searched hundreds of...
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 Lupa with Romulus and Remus
Lupa with Romulus and Remus
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

In Rome around 758-728 BCE, a demi-goddess named Rhea Silva had secret twin baby boys named Romulus and Remus sa pamamagitan ng a secret father who may have been the god Mars or the demigod Hercules.

When Rhea’s uncle Amulius found out, he locked Rhea up, snatched the boys and abandoned them in the woods to die. But luckily Rhea was a demi-goddess of the forest and she could talk to the forest animals. She called to a mother lobo called Loba or Lopa, in some stories.

Loba found Romulus and Remus and brought the mga sanggol tahanan to her cave where she fed them with her...
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Can you name all of the werewolf films that are used? I can't get all of them.
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full moon
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The link to the story's in the comment. The adult in the end of this video is his father.
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After Elli Ran Out Of Her Home, She Begins Screaming, van Hears Her Screams He Transform Into
His Werewolf Form, He Runs To The Scream,
Elli Runs As She Can Then Vlad Was In Front Of Her
& Hit Her, Her Nose Bleeds Then He Hits Her Until
She Falls To The Ground, van Growls At Vlad & Hits
Him, Van's Yellow ginto Eyes Stare At Elli, He Pick
Her Body Up & Carry Her Away From Vlad, He Sees Her Bloody Pjs, The Clouds Cover The Moon, van Now
Changes Back Into Human Form, His Yellow ginto Eyes Are Still There, He Feels Her Heartbeat When
He Put His Head Close To Her Chest, Elli Wakes Up
& Saw...
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