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 have a relaxing weekend my bestie Bat!🌸
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It has become a tradition for several superhero films to come out each year. 2022 wasn't an exception to that rule. Superhero films are a common thing in Hollywood. It could be argued that too many come out at too fast of a pace. Thankfully, some of the superhero films are enjoyable enough to justify the ongoing trend of superhero films coming out at such a constant rate.

Before I go over the best superhero films of the year, I feel like I have to highlight the worst:

The Batman

I'm a huge Batman fan, so it saddens me that The Batman is the worst superhero film of the year. In fact, it's one...
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Another addition to my nagyelo collection was a pag-awit Elsa doll. This is the first pag-awit doll that I've added to my collection of nagyelo dolls.

This doll of Elsa can sing a bit of Elsa's "Into the Unknown" song from nagyelo 2. As to be expected, the sound of Elsa's pag-awit voice sounds quite lovely. This Elsa can sing sa pamamagitan ng pressing her right hand.

You might think that I wanted this doll because of the pag-awit feature. While it is a nice addition to the doll, I was interested in getting this doll because of how good it is. It would have been easy to make this doll just look okay and still charge...
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At this point, it's hard to deny my pag-ibig for Frozen. My nagyelo collection has continued to grow. This is a look at another addition to the growing collection.

These additions to the collection aren't exactly dolls. They are madami like toys. They might be a lot smaller than your average doll, but they are cute additions that I'm excited to add to the collection.

There's a nagyelo 2 toy set that comes with around a dozen toys. However, that set is quite pricey, and I wasn't interested in getting every character. Instead, I got four of the toys.

The ones I got are:





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nagyelo mga manika have become one of my paborito things to collect. mga manika are just so cute, stylish and fun to play with. For most franchises that I care about, they don't make many dolls. Also, some of the mga manika aren't made as well as they could be. Thankfully, there have been a countless number of great mga manika made of the nagyelo characters. For Christmas, I was excited to expand my collection. For this review, I'll be going over one of my new nagyelo dolls.

The Disney Animators Collection doll line is a series of mga manika that are very tall, detailed and well made. Due to that, they can be very pricey...
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When people think about actors that have played Batman, a lot of names are bound to come up with. However, there's a certain actor that hasn't gotten as much attention for playing Batman as he deserves.

Joey de Leon is a Filipino comedian that has a big fanbase in the Philippines. In addition to being a comedian, he is also an actor. He has starred in several films that are parodies. The focus of this artikulo is the Batman film that Joey de Leon starred in.

Alyas Batman en Robin is a 1991 film that serves as a parody of Batman. It takes heavy inspiration from the classic series that starred...
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When people hear the name Dr. Strange, they think of Marvel's Doctor Stephen Strange. Some people might even think of Dr. Strangelove. However, Batman has his own Dr. Strange. This artikulo is about Doctor Hugo Strange.

Even though Hugo Strange isn't as iconic as a lot of Batman's other enemies, he has been around since 1940. In fact, he appeared in a Batman story before the Joker did. Hugo Strange was another one of Bill Finger and Bob Kane's brilliant creations. In the early stories, Hugo Strange was a mad scientist. He often created monsters that Batman would have to fight. However, Hugo...
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The Flash has been one of DC's most iconic superheroes for decades. Despite that, it's taken a long time for him to become a movie star. Considering that the Flash is known for being one of the fastest characters in the world, it's ironic that his film is taking so long to come out.

The Flash has had great success on television. His CW series, which stars Grant Gustin, has gone on for several years. However, the Flash has had far less luck on the big screen. The Flash film was supposed to come out years ago. In fact, I have a magazine that claims that the Flash film is expected to come out...
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The original Superman film franchise started in 1978's Superman: The Movie. The film was directed sa pamamagitan ng Richard Donner and starred Christopher Reeve as the pamagat character. Christopher Reeve went on to play Superman in three sequels to the film. That might sound simple, but the film franchise has ended up having a confusing timeline.

The first thing that makes the franchise confusing is that there are two very different versions of Superman 2. Superman 2 was originally directed sa pamamagitan ng Richard Donner and had Marlon Brando reprising his role as Jor-El. However, Richard Donner was fired from the production...
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Batgirl was one of the superhero films that I was looking pasulong to the most. The only live-action film that Batgirl had previously appeared in was 1997's Batman and Robin. That film featured an original version of the character that was named Barbara Wilson. Instead of being Commissioner Gordon's daughter, she was Alfred Pennyworth's niece. Having Barbara Gordon finally appear in a live-action film was a big deal. The fact that the film had supporting roles from Batman and Commissioner Gordon made things even madami exciting. However, after years of anticipation, the film was canceled. It's...
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The time has come to talk about my paborito superhero. There have been so many cool superheroes, so picking a paborito might not seem like an easy task. However, there is one superhero that really stands out. The superhero I'm referring to has really made a big impact on my life. I would go so far as to say that no superhero can compete with my favorite.

You might be wondering which superhero I'm referring to. Those who know me might have already figured it out. However, I still feel like giving out a hint. The hint is that my paborito superhero has a bat theme.

My paborito superhero loves...
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Giovanni is one of my paborito villains in all of anime. For those that don't know, Giovanni is the villain of the PokΓ©mon anime series. Actually, that's not entirely correct. In some ways, he's the main villain, but in other ways, he's just a supporting character. What do I mean sa pamamagitan ng that? That's what this artikulo is here to explain.

Giovanni is a character that quickly grabbed my attention as soon as he showed up. With his intimidating personality and mysterious presence, I quickly became intrigued sa pamamagitan ng the character. I wanted to learn madami about him. Learning madami about Giovanni hasn't been...
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The 1966 Batman telebisyon series is one of my paborito shows of all time. One of the main reasons why I pag-ibig it so much is because they got some of the greatest actors of all time to bring Bill Finger's greatest creations to telebisyon screens.

The Dynamic Duo:

Adam West as Batman

Burt Ward as Robin

Supporting Cast:

Alan Napier as Alfred Pennyworth

Neil Hamilton as Commissioner Gordon

Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara

Madge Blake as Harriet Cooper (Madge Blake was a regular cast member in the first two seasons, but due to health problems, she only had a couple of cameos in season 3.)

Yvonne Craig...
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