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(warning contains scenes of violence and course language)

Chapter 19

In a matter of minutes, Dean pulled his shiny 67’ impala into the gravel driveway of the house they held up at. Then he and Sam bolted out of their doors armed with mga baril and no idea of what they were up against. The only things they cared about were the lives of Adam, Kay and Sarah, people they left behind without a rash thought. If only they had considered their plan madami thoroughly maybe the two young hunters wouldn’t be in this predicament.

Was it Cas who set them up? After two years of friendship and loyalty was this what it finally came down to? Dean didn’t want to wait around to find out as his foot lodged heavily through the front door of the house. The power appeared to be cut leaving both brothers standing in a thick atmosphere of pitch black darkness.

“Adam!” Dean shouted irrationally, the shotgun caressing against his firm shoulder as he secured what appeared to be a deserted living room. “Kay!”

Sam didn’t like the feeling he was getting from the moment they realized the rescue attempt at Clifton Ridge was a setup. Even madami so that his older brother was vitally making their presence at the house known to whatever threat might’ve held their mga kaibigan at bay.

“Dean, wait!” Sam whispered hoarsely, following after his brother into the kitchen. “Let’s be smart about this, we have no idea what’s going yet or if Cas is involved. So before we start shooting up the place we need another plan.”

“Fine, you sit and wrack your brain for both of us Point-Dexter.” Dean retorted, clenching his jaw. “There’s a ulap hopper who’s about to be an ex-bitch of Heaven when I get through with him.”

“And how’s getting yourself killed in the process gonna help Adam, Sarah or Kay?”

Dean scowled at his taller brother bitterly. “Gee why don’t we just sit down for tsaa while the shit hits the fan? Adam could be hurt or worse….and what about Kay? I promised her I would protect her!”

“We both did!” Sam scolded briskly. “I also promised Sarah she’d be ligtas until I got back and now I hate myself for believing that we were right to leave.”

An eerie chill ran up their spines as the silence immediately ruptured into frantic screams echoing from the upstairs bedroom. Dean knew those screams not hesitating to barge through the dark halls and up the steps of the tuktok floor like a charging bull. Sam followed behind him cocking his magnum. Whatever was attacking their friend wouldn’t live long enough to threaten her.

Positioning themselves in front of Kay’s room, Dean grimaced at Sam preparing for the worst just when he rammed his foot through the door arms stretched out with the shotgun aiming at the assailant. Except there wasn’t one but two scuffling on the ground; throwing each other against the walls with extensive force. The brothers immediately recognized the brawlers, one trench-coated the other adolescently young but fierce, battling it out as if they possessed powers beyond the human capacity. In an instant the Winchesters realized it wasn’t Adam but Michael fighting against Castiel.

When Sam looked over in the far corner of the room against the shattered dresser he noticed Kay lying unconscious. Dean’s face lit up with fury pumping his shotgun like a madman and firing at the pader less than two inches from Castiel’s head. He wasn’t looking to accuse anyone only that both had put an innocent girl in harm’s way and his first instinct was to protect her even if it meant nearly killing an ally.

“You better hold it right there ladies!” Dean snarled, nostrils flared and exchanging his attention between the two angels. “Take one step towards that girl and I’ll blow your friggin heads off I swear!”

Castiel paused; face vacant, pining Michael against the broken window, squeezing his throat tightly with one hand. Both mga kerubin glared at the young hunters who’d interrupted their brawl, and then the trench-coated angel released the teenaged vessel.

“Sam…Dean this isn’t what you think.” He sinabi hollowly without any emotion.

“Save it ass-hat! I don’t give a rat’s behind about your beef with your other cloud-bitch here; all I care about is that girl lying there.”

“My intentions weren’t to harm Kay.” Cas imputed, face harsh red. “I didn’t come here with an agenda…at least not one against you and your brothers.”

“Oh really, ‘cause it sure looked a lot like you stupid-bastards were recreating the WWE Armageddon-style!” Dean paced himself with his weapon, eyes fiery, stealing glances at the unconscious empath girl. He worried if she were still breathing she was so lifeless. “Cas what the hell…what were you doing in Kay’s bedroom? I’m serious, either one of you clowns start talking or I start shooting.”

“Don’t be a Neanderthal Dean.” Michael warned rubbing the faded red patch on his neck where Castiel’s hand had been. “You know very well mga kerubin can’t be killed sa pamamagitan ng man-made weapons.”

Dean scowled sourly at Adam’s tattered form inhabited sa pamamagitan ng the archangel. Harming his younger brother was furthest from his mind but he had no qualms about messing up his angelic counterpart. “Did I ask for your opinion chuckles?” Michael rolled his baby blues and crossed his arms as the young hunter focused his attention back to Castiel. “Now are you gonna tell me why you’re here or am I gonna have to go Rambo on your ass?”

Frustrated the doe-eyed angel replied. “I wasn’t attacking Kay! I was saving her from one of my brothers.” He glared at Michael, eyelashes hazily flared. “Speaking of which, why didn’t anyone tell me Michael was still attached to Adam’s body?”

Sam thoughtfully glanced at his brother regarding his attention suspiciously back at the two angels. “What you didn’t know already?”

Castiel tilted his head and locked blue eyes with the taller Winchester, face vacant though full of saddened wisdom; definitely the image of an ancient being. “How could I have known when I’ve been occupied following orders from the lord since this whole epidemic started? I thought the two of you were on tuktok of this and now we’re sitting in the middle of an undead Apocalypse!”

“Well maybe if you’d got your head out of the clouds in time,” Dean snorted, “we could’ve used a little help icing Pestilence back at the hospital before the whole world went ZOMBIELAND!”

“It’s not that simple Dean. I can’t just turn my back on heaven whenever you want me to.” Castiel stared back at the young hunter bitterly. “I have orders to follow…but from the looks of things I’d say you were dire need of my assistance. That’s why I came back…to help you with the girl.”

“If you were interested in protecting the girl why did you attack me?” Michael pressed fierily, eyes cold like blue icicles. “First you ambushed the soul of my vessel and then I find you alone in Kayleigh Forster’s room towering over her.”

“He’s right; there would be another body here if that was the case.” Sam vouched for the archangel, analyzing his surroundings then staring back at Dean. “And even if Cas was telling the truth that still doesn’t explain his intentions towards Kay.”

Dean puffed his cheeks vibrantly, finger grazing the trigger. “Sammy, get her out of here.” Quickly his tall brother hurried towards Kay and scooped her frail body into his arms slowly backing out of the room. The remaining hunter was far from ending his dangerous Q&A session. “Now…where’s your psycho winged-buddy, Cas…before I get restless?”

Castiel carefully shuffled towards the broken window, eyes darting outside. “His body fell outside when I shoved him out the window and stabbed him. See for yourself.”

Both the archangel and the hunter shuffled carefully towards the window and peered out through the broken shards of glass sticking out of the face and into the night. Lying below stood a fallen corpse displaying a shadow of wings flared across the grass.

Castiel had been honest this far but neither Michael nor Dean were convinced he was just coming to console a girl who’s blood possibly helped jump start the apocalypse. Even when the young hunter stared suspiciously at the trench-coated angel’s angelic blade gleaming within his sleeve, a warning shot through him.

“I told you I was helping your friend.” Castiel repeated, his velvet voice raspier. “But Dean…she’s not what you think she is.”

Dean wasn’t buying it. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Remember when I told you Kay wasn’t an ordinary empath and that her existence caused some sort of ripple in the universe? That’s why I came back…I discovered why it was the other mga kerubin were set on targeting this girl. I didn’t want to believe it at first…but now…”

“Wait hold on just a friggin minute!” Dean interrupted impatiently. “What do you mean the other mga kerubin are targeting this girl? Targeting her for what? Hugs and kisses?”

Castiel’s eyes were cross. “She is an abomination Dean.”

“Whoa what do you mean an abomination? Last time I checked an innocent girl with empathic abilities doesn’t exactly scream anti-Christ!” The tension was growing between angel and hunter, a moment which was almost ripped away sa pamamagitan ng Sam Winchester’s presence entering the room.

“Kay’s in the other room with Sarah,” Sam sinabi hastily approaching his brother and glaring at Castiel, “who’s also unconscious sa pamamagitan ng the way. What the hell’s going on?”

“We were just about to get to that part.” Dean snarled at the doe-eyed angel. “How ‘bout it Cas…feel like sharing with the rest of the class?”

“I’m afraid this conversation would be better suited if you heard it from Michael himself.” replied the raspier angel; eyes faintly melancholy. “His connection with Kay is actually the reason why she’s being targeted sa pamamagitan ng the others.”

“What about his connection to her?” Sam pressed.

Dean was suddenly sharpening his knives for another round of good cop bad cop, locking his eyes in the haunting gaze of Adam’s youthful frame. So now they were getting to the truth, this whole thing wasn’t just about Kay’s ability it was also about Michael and the hidden agenda he’d been concealing since the virus sprung out of the hospital back in New York. Both the brothers had been dancing around their trust issues with the archangel long enough, waiting until he’d confide in them, though the sagot they wanted were about to shatter everything they believed in.

“Start talking cheese-dick!” demanded the brash young hunter, running his finger through his short spiky hair. “Tell us what the hell you’re doing with Kay…now!”

Michael stood silent, unclenched which only made Dean’s frustrations beckon, irrationally getting up in his face. “Just because you’re wearing my little brother’s face doesn’t mean I won’t smear your makeup!” Dean sneered fiendishly, winking at the archangel. “Now start talking or I start target practicing!”

“You think your measly threats are enough to intimidate me Dean?” Michael retorted.

“No but my fist might.”

“Tell them the truth Michael!” Castiel demanded, his velvet voice growing.

The archangel’s eye lids lowered, suddenly the smug, confident expression he’d been wearing slowly deteriorated. It was like Adam’s vulnerability had infected him from the inside until the archangel resembled something of a haunted teenager. Not even Sam and Dean could prepare themselves for what he was about to reveal…a secret madami dangerous than the apocalypse itself.

“Kayleigh Forster is not just some empath,” Michael began, eyes grazing like a kutsilyo as he pierced through the Winchesters. “She is a mortal piece of me…my own flesh and blood…my daughter.”
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Dean makes a deal with Death about Sam's soul and Adam.
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