Winchester Girls WE NEED TO GET ADAM OUT OF THE PIT!!!!!!!

ForsakenMoon19 posted on Feb 13, 2011 at 06:45PM
Seriously guys I think we need to create awareness to Adam's situation!! I know most of you dislike him, can't figure out why, but you have to admit watching the Winchesters go about their day without mentioning their little brother roasting in the pit is unacceptable and harsh!! Not to mention it completely obliterates their code of "family first"!! Please I need support on this:) AS true Jake fans here and of SPN I ask you to please help me and others raise awareness to this situation. I don't think its right that the Sera Gamble and the writers ignore this problem any longer. Half of this season is over and still the only time Adam is mentioned is "Caged Heat" but after that NOTHING!!! So please if you believe this character deserves to thrive in the show longer or at least needs closure, help us speak out!!:)

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