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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 Blaira~ Causal Outfit
Blaira~ Causal Outfit
Name: Blaira
Age; 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She's a-lot like her sister Bloom, but in her own way Blaira can be kind and helpful. She loves to ride horses, read, and draw. Blaira can be smart and clever when she needs to.
Description: Blaira has similar red hair as Bloom and her eye color is green.
Theme Song/Favorite Song: pag-ibig Bites sa pamamagitan ng Halestorm
History: sa pamamagitan ng age of 7, she was kidnapped sa pamamagitan ng the Trix. Bloom and her mga kaibigan rescued her at the age of 13. Blaira is the youngest of the royal family, with Bloom as segundo oldest and Daphne being the oldest.
Boyfriend: Her boyfriend is the younger cousin...
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posted by boboiboyying123
name: Irene
power: Nature
relation: Flora ( Mother ) Rose ( Aunt ) and Helia ( Father
origin: Linphea
she earns he charmix sa pamamagitan ng saving her Aunt Rose sa pamamagitan ng a Quicksand
She earns her Enchantix sa pamamagitan ng sacrificing for her boyfriend
she is clever, smart,all her traits from her mother
brave, energetic
fave. food: healthy balance diets
fave. color: magenta
fave. flower: all
fave season: spring
pet:Samantha the kitty
fave. genre of song and movie: movie is romance and song is country
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 Amoras mother:Maria Nona
Amoras mother:Maria Nona

Amora(16)-Princes of peacx,fairy
Tanya(18)-Amoras love,witch
Maria Nona(51)-Amoras mom,quin

Chapter 2-friend?

Tanyas pov

Of course Amoras momy didnt like me,even a blind man could see that.She didnt even liked me as her friend,what would she say if she knew i was her GIRLfriend?I guees we will find out as soon as Amora tells her…or will she just sit around and eat her pizza untill her mother gets really old and dies so she wont have too deal with this?hehe

Maria Nona was watching me like a pasko gift that she didnt wish for.»So…your a witch ha?How do you 2 get along anyway?(laugh)I...
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posted by Horsegirl202
Hello everyone! I joined this club yesterday and thought this would be a good place for my OC Amber to be.

Full Name: Amber Rose Stark
Nick Name: Amber
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Amber is brave, strong,smart very loyal, fun-loving
Fairy of: Esmeralda Dragon
Sister: Bloom, the fairy of the dragon flame
Bio: Amber is the daughter of Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, she never knew she had powers to be a fairy until she met Stella and Musa. It came to her that then she had powers when she released the Esmeralda dragon to help them who were in a fight with the Trix but only two of them, Icy and Stormy. They took her to Magix and a while later she earned her enchantix powers but the Winx had the Charmix power.

What is Amber doing now?
Amber can travel back in time or into pelikula one movie she went into was bravo there she met her friend Merida. Amber is 13 years old and living in Magix and Earth.
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