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posted by stellasolaria
stella has broke up with brandon recently , as she had seen him with lily{stella's classmate}and was very furious
when brado went to apologise she turned him down.
stella : i am not going to talk to him any madami , what does he think of himself . I am with him for almost 5 years and he is checking out lily . thats enough now from now on I will never see him or the winx club ever again thats my decision.
??? : then why don't you sumali will be great for our master you know.

who is this ?and what will she do who is her master stay uned and please comment
Stella has broke up with Brandon recently , as she had seen him with lily{stella's classmate}and was very furious.

"She has been in her room all day, I'm really concerned," Bloom says.

"Leave her where she is don't bother her, she didn't ask us for her help so don't," Tecna replies.

"You sure you can hear her wailing out here," Musa says.

" Her door is locked," Flora says.

Its later that evening in Stella's room.

"I feel real better now," Stella says.

" Thats good," says Bloom.

" I need to find out why Brandon did that to me, I'm going to Red fountain to confront him tomorrow,"

I'm coming," says Bloom.

What will Stella say to Brandon, how will he react, will they get back together again tune in tommorrow. Please comment and rate story 1 through 10. Thank you.
posted by FloraAndHelia
One night at the Winx's new apartment, Stella was still up waiting for Brandon to call because he promised her he'll call when he was at the back of the apartment.

Stella:Come on, CALL!!!!!

-Bloom walks in fairy form and yawns
Bloom: STELLA??!!! I thought you were a burglar! What are you doing up so late?

Stella: Well, Brandon sinabi he would meet me in the back of the apartment so we can go on a romantic moonlight walk together.... but he hasn't called yet, and if Im really that loud, i'll just wait back there.

Bloom: Thanks Stella, and I'm sure he'll be there soon!
-Bloom yawns and transforms back...
continue reading...
posted by stellawinx101
" Of course, let's go to the Fruitti Music Bar!" sinabi Dumount. " Hooray.. bye!" sinabi Stella and they appeared at the bar.
Brandon saw them together. " Stella, why would you do this?" asks Brandon. " You cheated on me! This is my revenge on you!" sagot Stella.
" I'm sure I did that but actually.. -" " Animalia!" blasts Dumount. " Aah! Winx Believix!" Stella transforms. Then, she holds Brandon and they flew at the roof. Dumount appeared there.
" Yaargh!" Dumount turned into a giant bat, he flapped his wings and Stella almost feel down at the seashore susunod to the bar when Brandon saved her.
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