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Story belongs to Ginger Goes RAWRZ , not me.

1. Anytime Yuck comes around, yell, "WTH IS THAT SMELL?"
2. Call Yin a geek.
3. Repeatedly poke Master Yo in the stomach, each time saying "BOING!"
4. Point to Smoke and Mirrors and yell "LOOK! IT'S GOKU AND SAILOR MOON!"
5. Stare at everyone's floating ears constantly.
6. Dress up like "Badfoot" and wait for Yo to see you.
7. Claim that the Kung Pow Kitties are cat versions of the Powerpuff Girls.
8. Dump dirt everywhere and watch Yin's reaction.
9. Chew on Yuck's ear.
10. When he asks why, say "I don't think you're yucky at all!"
11. Everytime you see Carl,...
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I don't know this is a discussion or an opinion but I'm sure this is a list!

Protagonist or Neutral :

a woofoo warrior in training as well in her mystic magically powers and almost everyone called her 'miss know it all' because of her intelligents but don't know why she never gets bore to study unless like Yang, Yin could be materialistic when she saw pretty jewelries unfortunately it's a badluck but mostly she shows to be a lucky girl that rarely got a personal trouble.

an aqua green dog who's best friend with Yin, she's actually being a neutral character and first introduced in 'The...
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okay people these are my ocs for yin yang yo

name: Yuckette
gender: female
descrpitsion: she is an black rabbit with red eyes who also knows woo foo. she has red eyes and dosen't really have a crush on anyone she also has a blood red kwelyo on her throat that has spikes sticking out of it because she was found sa pamamagitan ng vicious Aso and was raised sa pamamagitan ng them. She is really good at garuding and fighting.
real secert crush: she only has a very weak secert crush on Smudge and sa pamamagitan ng very weak people i mean that she really dosen't even like Smudge that much

name: Smudge
gender: male
descrpitsion: he was also found...
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Created sa pamamagitan ng BBAChissy on youtube.com Alice - Yin Mad Hatter - Yang Red reyna - Saranoya White reyna - Lina The March liyebre - Yuck
Alice sa lugar ng kamanghaan
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In this episode are feauturing 2 stars from Earth and they're Jason Earles and Mitchel Musso, so enjoy the show!
jason earles
mitchel musso
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Belongs to KellyGaCL on youtube.com
one missed call
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Even these vids aren't multipart, I made them a part so which couple is your fav?
I found another series that simillar to some of Yin Yang Yo's characters, and that is Ben 10 also a little in Ben 10 alien force. I tell you Ben 10's characters are simillar to Yin Yang Yo's characters like persona :
*Granpa Max is simillar to Master Yo who guards them and taught them good manners and also they both are old.
*Gwen tennison is simillar to Yin who interest madami in mystic/magic sides also they had alike such as intelligent, girly and don't like their boys (bro/cousin) that much.
*Ben tennison is simillar to Yang because they like to use might but not brain and they and like to show...
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