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After the araw Yoshi's class went to hawaii for a field trip,The yoshi princesses asked the teacher if they should go on a field trip to the kingdom of enchanted puppies, But Yoshi's teacher said, "No class,We can't go to the kingdom of enchanted tuta because they may not allow us there. Instead, we're going to MOON VIEW CITY today." then Yoshi said,"Moon view city, I adore (Love) Moon view city." When Yoshi's class arrived at Moon view city, Yoshi saw The Coconut prutas truck and she got some Delicous Berries from Super mario galaxy 2. She also saw the moo moo dariy truck and the teacher said," In Coconut mall, they have the moo moo dariy store." Yoshi didn't know that The Moo Moo dariy store was in coconut mall (One of yoshi's paborito courses). When they returned to the classroom,the whole class drew their paborito things in moon view city. Yoshi drew a picture of the whole city."You must pag-ibig the moon view city." the princesess were tahanan and they lived happily ever after.
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