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Chapter 26-

"Well, yo certainly aren't who I was expecting Mr.Grant." Cheshire said, leaning on her sword.

Revenge growled and leaped at the Asian assassin. She dodged, but Revenge grabbed his mask and slid it on.

"Someone's insecure." Cheshire said.

Revenge growled and leapt at her again.


Holly paced her room.

"He sinabi he'd keep you safe." she told herself.

"But what if he can't stop them?" she reprimanded herself. "What if they-"

She gulped, unable to complete the sentence.


Revenge stumbled...
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posted by NekoTheif
tundra raced through the mountains forest with the grace that no mere human could run. The wind blew through the long strands of hair that was as white as the snow that had come the earlier months. The snow haired girl was a legend of the woods. A warning to travelers and hunters alike. She was something of a myth. She could disappear and appear with out you known. Only did those who were not a target and did spot her saw the girl laughing.

Laughing in the winter's blizzard were the howling wind covered her joy. No one could track her and no one could quit prove she was real. They called her...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The man stood there, stood learking in the shadows infront of his monotoring computers, a laugh came to him, he liked to see their pain, their misery even. His evil thoughts and laughter were stopped when a boy came in, " they are being shocked and ipakita signs of being seperated sa pamamagitan ng their connection to eachother" he said, "excellent... after this experiment i want to test the project Q7 on them.." the man replied to the boy, the boy laughed evily at the plan and walked out of the room, the man sat their looking at the monitors once more, a monitor that was in one of the boys room, a boy sat on...
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posted by Skittles98
”Uh Sarah? Hello? Sarah?” Robin said, waving and snapping in my face.
I walked back to the group with a blank look in my eye, told everyone that they could go sightseeing with a group, grabbed Artemis and M’gann and headed straight for the new Artemis temple where no boy’s were allowed.
”What was that all about?” Artemis exclaimed
”Robin just sinabi he had a huge crush on me” I said, ignoring her outburst.
”Your point? We already new that, just from the way he looked at you. Girl’s can tell those sorts of things” Artemis explained
”Than you can tell that KF has a huge crush...
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The boy wonder stood up aiding his head.
"Did you just zap me?" he replied in a squeaky voice. The two bayani stood still staring at him. Robin looked up at them.
"Do I have something on my face?" robin touched his face. "Seriously, stop staring at me!" The bayani kept on staring. Robin picked up his batarang. "Your not hypnotized are you?" Robin asked facing his audience. He groaned. "Geez Zatanna, Bats stop staring it's creeping me out!" Zatanna and Bats exchanged glances. "Your back!" Zatanna hugged Robin. Bats smiled as he watched the young teenagers. "Well I did go on a mission where we...
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posted by justjill
NOTE: I have no Marvel or DC comic background so if any of the info is wrong please don't get pissed and alot, A LOT of spelling errors so beware!I already warned you!

2023,Central City

He sat there dazing out at the bunch of teenagers that were chattering and laughing at one of the grey haired boys who had ice-cream covered all over his mouth in an attempt to finish it in one gulp. "Where did those days go..."He asked himself a smile spreading across his face. "Hey Walman." a small figure slid beside him making him jump. "Dude!" he smiled as he slapped his friend on his back,"Long time no...
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When I first heard this song, I instantly thought of Superboy. :D
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