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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Teague
Alias: None
Occupation: Demon-Elemental Hybrid; Villain
Powers: Elements, flight, demon shape-shifting
History: Teague's past is unknown, but he has been known to kill. Teague is also known for his powerful temper and control over the elements.
Notes: Teague can transform his body at will into his demon form. If he is angry enough, he will immediately start to transform. He likes to mess with humans and bayani alike. He is madami often flirty and fun-loving then he is angry. But he is short-tempered and loves to play jokes. While not much is known about him, he enjoys sending bayani on a wild gansa chase to track him down. Teague also likes to mess with the villains and use the bayani tactics to make villains run. He is a simple trickster, but is very dangerous despite his fun loving personality.
posted by TeslaYJ
So with this awesome new villain club, I thought I'd post Tesla's bio!!
Name: Nicholas “Nick” McLaughin
Alias: Tesla
Age: 18
Occupation: Villain
Affiliations: Kaos
Appearance: Nick is about 6’1” and very muscular. He has short, light brown hair and cold gray eyes.
Powers: Nick has powerful magnetism, which gives him his name Tesla. He is able to draw even non-metal objects towards him. He also has the ability to create earthquakes, and he has limited telepathy, meaning he can only read minds but not control them or communicate telepathically.
Personality: Nick is cold, calculating, and ruthless....
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posted by Robin_Love
 Secret-Night time
Secret-Night time
Name:Serepta Devette
Occupation:Demon; Witch
Powers:Black Magic, master of the Mystic arts, skilled fighter, master of disguise, mistress of darkness
History:Serepta was the paborito daughter of Anton and Kendra Devette. She is the oldest of the Devette girls and third oldest beside her two brothers. She is highly intelligent and dangerous. She lived in the kingdom of Attalin, learning from her father, despite Kendra's wishes. When she was seven, Kendra gave birth to another girl. Serepta became jealous of her youngest sister and devised a plan to kill her. Serepta looked after Becca...
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posted by RedstreamYJ
Name: Chelsea Inclere

Age: 15

Alias: Redstream

Occupation: Villain

Appearance: mid-back length black hair, red eyes that glow when she uses her powers

Costume: usually seen in a Gotham academy uniform, but it’s often tainted red and covered in blood

Powers/Abilities: can control peoples abilities to move, creates portals

Bio: Not much is really known about Chelsea, but she does hate Infinity's guts and succeeded in killing her. She's been known to 'lust' after Nathan Stone (or) Ryan Zucco.

Personality: cocky, headstrong, a total bitch

added by Robin_Love
posted by VictoreYJ
Name: Victore

ID: Confidental

Age: 25

Occupation: Assassin and villian

Physical Appearance: light brunett, bronze colored eyes, 5'6"

Clothing: varies, but always wears a scarf that she can bring up to hide her identity.

Powers: sa pamamagitan ng looking into her victims eyes, she can command them to do as she pleases.

Weapons: Doesn't always carry one, but she is skilled with a sword.

Personality: vengeful, focused, feisty

History: Unknown.

Relation to Team: actual relation is a secret, but she seems to have a hate for fire-casters...
posted by Obscurity98
 What she ALWAYS wears
What she ALWAYS wears
Name:Dee Fy


Age: Looks 16, has been living for 506

Status: Villain

relationship to team: None

Appearance: tall, auburn hair reaching her back. red eyes. Lustful

Personality: angry, seductive,reclusive, backstabber, witty, brave

She can willingly kill the person she is touching, sucking their energy. sa pamamagitan ng staring at any living thing,for a long period of time, it will eventually die. Her bite can turn people to dust. No immortality but has lived a long 500 yrs.

Background: As a 14 yrs old girl in the early 1500's she caught a disease that no one could cure. No one ever heard of the...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Amber-Dark Angel
Amber-Dark Angel
Name: Amber Yvette
Alias: Crystal
Occupation: Dark Angel; hero; ex-villain
Powers: Turn objects and people to crystal, fly (wings), controls the force known as the Dark Phoenix, master in martial arts, spell caster
History: Amber Yvette was an ordinary girl living in an ordinary town. Until she turned sixteen. The araw she turned sixteen, a group of angry mafia members shot her and hung her family. Amber became a Dark Angel, dying with hate and revenge in her heart. She received training from Sensai Turron. Inside her Sensai's dojo, Amber met another Dark Angel; Devin Grayson. Amber befriended the...
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