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 Catty (Scott
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Just cute Scott and Cat stuff
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! litrato contains business suit. There might also be suit, suit ng mga damit, anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Darkness had overcome the city, another moonless night. He stumbled down the street, leaning on the pader when his feet couldn’t hold him alone. His clothes were bathed in the night, black as they were. His eyes were clouded over and he stopped to catch his breath. The few people left on the streets glanced at him as they passed. It was odd for someone so young to have so many issues. He took a long drink from the cup in his hands before throwing it away with a huff.
He continued on his way, hunched over as he made his way home. tahanan was an optimistic term for the abandoned shack he had found....
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I made this video about Supergirl daughter of Superman who came from the future and Superboy brought her to the past to sumali the team. And also she met Lagoon Boy and falls in pag-ibig with him and they had a child too.
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Interrogation Scene

Stalin yelled as electricity arched through his body. He shook, his body rattled, smoke rose from his weak shell. Revenge walked up to him, control in hand.

"How did you get control of my bridges? My weapons? The launch codes for the American missiles? How?!"

Stalin was breathing heavily, his tongue was lead in his mouth. He took a full sixty segundos to start speaking.

"I will never reveal my secrets."

"But in Soviet Russia," Revenge replied in an excellent Russian accent, "Secrets will reveal you."

Stalin glared. 

"There was a man named Joseph in Russia." Revenge said, walking...
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((BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Be warned that it is a lot of stuff in a little article. I found it while pagbaba through some old documents, and realized I haven't really posted anything on Bella before she joins The Team and becomes Mercy. So if you want madami on her pre-superhero life, let me know! KISSES!))

October 31st, 2011
Gotham, USA

There isn't much I remember about the accident. It all happened so quickly.
There was blood- a lot of blood. It was on the windows and the airbags and our clothes.
And there was screaming, but it wasn't coming from my mouth, or Gavin's. Gavin wasn't even moving. He just...
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"...dear Bella, Happy Birthday to you!"
The three of them huddled around a single cupcake on the granite countertop. In it was shoved twenty-two lit candles, one in the center above the rest, so that the entire tuktok of the cupcake could not be seen.
Bella took a deep breath and attempted to blow them all out, but as soon as the flames disappeared, they came right back. She furrowed her brows in puzzlement and tried again, only to be met with the same result.
E and his girlfriend Marissa stood across from the redhead on the other side of the counter, barely able to stiffle their laughs.
Bella clicked...
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