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added by pickles1999
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posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Dana Gracias

Hero name: Shadow

Age: 13

Appearance: Thick black wavy hair-shoulder length, tsokolate brown eyes, tanned skin, slender and muscular (for a girl), height: 5 foot 2.

Powers: She has no qualified supernatural power. But she is an expert hacker, very good with various weapons-espiecally knives and swords and guns, and she is very good at judo and tai-quando. She also has a very strong vivid photographic memory and can intemperate sounds really well.

Hero costume: Dark-blue catsuit with a utility sinturon and two sheaths at each side of her leg for her kutsilyo and gun. Her shoes are...
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posted by Rachel-Roth
name; Linnet
secret id; Emily Wood
age; 15
gender; female
appearance; jet black hair, dark brown eyes
personality; firm, straight forward, assertive, intense, awkward person who uses her past to strengthen her-the madami angry she is the madami powerful but doesn't mean she is co-operative with others.
city; tuktok end city
status; unsure of as her team thinks there is a nunal and are pointing the finger at Linnet
power; can use memories and emotions she make her become for powerful
skills; she is very good at hiding her dark secrets and putting on a straight face. Her head is always in the game and is never...
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posted by godmor
Name: Gunfire
ID: Twan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: blond hair and blue eyes.
Personality: a bit shy, bit of a low zelf estaem, truswordy, friendly,curios (mostly about aliens,tecknolgie, wapons, history).
City: Gotham City.
Status: Ex-villan/ Hero.
Power: None
Skils: knowledge of (gotham's) crimenal underword, Contacts in gothom's crimanal underword, Basic Acrobatics, expert with mga baril and explosives,masster marksman, Understands teknolegie ( thanks to the fackt thad he is a shi-fi geek.)
Wapons/equipment: Smal explosives, a pair of high tehc modefid pistols (thad can apoy a grabbling hook and have...
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