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posted by KatRox1
Tonight was different, it had a madami erie feel in the air. It was just 2 years nakaraan that Grandma had died. No, not died, murdered. The clouds seemed to cover the sky like a blanket. Only the glow of the moon showed through small cracks in the mist above me. A silent tear slowly rolled down my cheek, and I lifted my had to grab onto my locket that she had ibingiay me the araw she died, as an early birthday present. Out of the corner of my eye a shadow quickly ran by. I started to chase it, quickly letting go of the locket and onto a mini-explosion pellet from my utility belt. As I raised my hand to throw it, a strong hand grabbed onto my wrist, pulling me back. I quickly turned so that I could confront him or her, but I stopped when I realized who it was. "Oh, it's you." I quietly said, my voice quavering just the slightest bit. "Don't worry, Batman's got him." He said. We both started to walk into an alley, the sound of grunts and punches were distant. "So how are you?" I looked over at him, kicking some crumpled leaves and dust. "Fine." He sinabi with his head down. "OK, why did you really come tonight? You're just making this a bit madami awkward!" I blurted out. He looked over at me, his eyes were widened with surprise, "Will you please just tell me who you are?"He said. Yes, it was a bit random, but we had met 2 months nakaraan and he still knew nothing about me. "Oh, com'on" I laughed, "I know about you as much as you do about me! So... tell me who you are!" I nudged him playfully. He chuckled, "Call me Robin." I raised one eyebrow in surprise. Great, I needed a hero name also, so I didn't have to tell him my real name, Mel Ritozo. The name of the rich girl who's parents owned Ritozo Enterprises, the name of the rich girl who had a reputation for being a goody-goody and never hurting a fly. The name of the rich girl who always had body guards around her and was expected to take over the company when my parents passed. Yeah, I'll tell him that. I had to think quick. All of a sudden the line that my grandmother always told me popped into my head, 'When life pushes you down, just bounce right back up. Like an echo off the wall.' "Echo." I blurted out. It sounded kind of cool, actually. Robin smiled and nodded. "Cool. So, That wasn't the exact thing I had to tell you." He looked down again. "Oh?" I tilted my head slightly. He kept his head down, like it was awkward for him. "You see, I work on this team." "You mean you and Batman?" He shook his head, "No, a team with the Justice Leauge."
"No idea who they are."
"They're like this elite team of superheros and stuff like that. Anyways, I'm on this Jr.Justice Leauge thing, and one of our teammates is going to be out for a week, and we really need someone to take his spot. His name is Aqualad. But, we nominated people we knew yesterday, and I kind of nominated you, and they all agreed that you would be the best choice since our other mga kaibigan couldn't." He laughed quietly and I frowned. "You what?" I sinabi through gritted teeth, then loosened up and sighed. "Fine, but don't expect me to follow any special rules." I looked at my watch, 2:30 am, my parent would probably want me awake tomorrow for the meeting with Bruce Wayne. "I gotta go, see you later birdy-boy?" He laughed and looked up at me, "Not if you call me that!" He smiled, and ran back off into the night. I smiled back and ran back to the apartment, changed into my pajamas, and fell asleep dreaming about Robin.

Tell me what you thought of it!! Should I continue it or stop it and start a new one? Also, if you want a visual of Mel/Echo, check out the tagahanga art sa pamamagitan ng jadore_renard titled, "KatRox1's Request" Thanks!!!
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posted by ecoelo
Wally woke up turning his head in different directions. They were in Scrambled Square.
"How did we get here?" Amy was texting or doing something with her phone. Wally stood up and looked over her shoulder.
"Nice photo" he said, making Amy jump.
"Wally! Oh my you gave me a fright!" Amy put her hand on her chest.
"What? I gave you a fright? Are we in the 16th century?" Wally looked at the screen of Amy's phone. "Who's that?" Amy turned her head to Wally.
"Oh um. That's me and my friend, Jessica. We were best friends" she sighed.
Beep beep!
Amy's phone instantly came up with a message.
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posted by 66Dragons
Name: Mask
Secret Identity: Kana Ligete
Superpowers: None
Alliance: Justice League/Team
Race: (Bi-racial) African American/Caucasian
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 146 lb.
Distinguishing Features/Marks: A tsokolate skin tone with a tattoo on the shoulder sporting the image of her mask. Shoulder-length dark hair worn in braids. Dark eyes. One distant scar on her right hand received in a fight with the Joker.
Relation to the Team: Was a good friend to Jason Todd and secretly helped him navigate the criminal sa ilalim ng daigdig while he was Robin. Provided anonymous tips to Batman on several occasions about criminal...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Robin! Robinrobinrobinrobinrobinrobin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
The masked hero ran into the training room where Wally was screaming his name from. The speedster was running around the room at a crazy speed. Becca stood in the center, trying to hit Wally with her magic. Robin flipped out of Wally's path and went up to Becca. He grabbed her hands and she turned her glare to him. Wally stopped running, but stayed a good distance from Becca.
“What's going on?” Robin asked.
“Your girlfriend is trying to kill me!!!!” Wally screamed.
“He estola my chocolate!” Becca yelled back.
Robin looked...
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posted by DeltaYJ
OK I found a listahan of rules set up sa pamamagitan ng Kaldur I decided to share

1. The websites Kaldur deems fit to put on Parent Control are not to be questioned.

2. Or hacked (I'm looking at you, Robin).

3. The following are not allowed to have coffee: Wally, Megan. EDIT: everyone except Kaldur and Artemis.

4. No hidden cameras without permission from an adult or Kaldur. Period.

5. Knock before entering Robin's room. it.

6. Taking Conner to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes was not funny and will not be mentioned again,

7. "Rockin' Robin" is not Robin's theme song.

8. Robin does not have, need, or want...
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posted by justjill
Sadly I did not type this but I found this very cute! :3 (Waltermis fan)Sorry a bit late for christmas... XD

“It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer
I should be playing in the winter snow
But Imma be under the mistletoe.”

Everyone’s heads were bent over, staring at the last decoration in the bottom of the box. Wally’s and Artemis’s expressions were akin to expecting the object to explode at any minute. Robin and Zatanna looked highly amused. Kaldur appeared confused, Conner bored, and Megan ecstatically delighted with the prospect of...
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Me:Hello and welcome to my first artikulo and it wount be the last i will defently write more...ok and due to request our first gest is Robin aka my boy friend!!!(lol)

Robin: hi, how are you? *sits down*

Me: oh fine *blushes* tanong for today is: what are all your costumes and which one is your favoite but why does one of them have no pants?

Robin: well haha that is a hard one well i have one's from the batman movies, the one from teen titans, the one from 'the batman' serice, the one from young justice of cource, one from the comics i think that one is the costume that has no pants...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Three- 

"Artemis, checking in. All clear up here." Artemis radioed in. The rest of the Team radioed in their positions and status'. 

"The parade is beginning." Robin said.

The Team had spread out along the kalye the parade was taking place. Their was roughly one superhero every block. Artemis was the closest to the action. Her bow notched and ready, her watchful eye over the garrisons of policemen and women below her spot on Town Hall.

Aqualad was near the park where a pond conveniently located.

Robin, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Kid Flash were in order down the street.

"Target approaching."...
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 Hey,guys whats up?
Hey,guys whats up?
Morning already?but I don`t feel like getting up.
I took my phone and texted to M`gann:Hey!,Is everyone there?I just got up im on my way.
I got up from the kama and changed and I sinabi good morning to Batman and Albert(I think thats his name).

Hey guys whats up?!.
"We`re planing a sleepover here wanna join?"Asked a Kind Artemis.
I sinabi laughing:Umm sure Are the guys staying?
M`gann blushed:well it would`nt be a sleepover without Wally.
Okay I`ll be in charge of the stuff well me and Robin.See you guys at 7:00pm.
I got the stuff!Sheets,Pillows,clothes and Movies.

Then the guys came in with theyre stuff....
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