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posted by Robin_Love
Klarion walked into towards one of the cells. He could hear movement in the other “rooms” but ignored them. He turned down several corridors and halted in front of a single cell. Three inch doors of pure steel guarded the occupant. He touched the door, smoothing his fingers over.
“Cell 1398. Hmm. Just who I was looking for.”
Klarion moved to the lock, pressing in a number of sequences. The doors slid open with a hiss and Klarion walked into the room. His cat followed behind him, entering the dimly lit room with caution. The Witch boy walked up to a tank filled with purple liquid. A girl floated inside. She looked like she was standing. A silver helmet covered her eyes but Klarion remembered when they first found her; her eyes were brown. Her black and red hair floated around her, grown in the many months she'd been there. Needles were injected in her skin and the white dress toga she had been wearing since araw one was stretched and shortened on her body. A machine to the right checked her vital signs. Klarion went over to it, seeing her status as normal. Mr. Teekl meowed and looked up at his owner.
“I know my pet,” the Witch Boy answered. “She's been sleeping too long.”
The cat meowed again, walking over to the tank.
“Soon. Soon. We must be patient. She must grow up first.”
The cat let out a hiss. It's eyes glowed red.
“I know. She is beginning to wake. The drugs are wearing thin. The needles are beginning to turn frail. We must go tell the master. Our plan must be unknown.”
The cat let out one madami hiss.
“Yes. She is moving. But even her power is weak. In order to fulfill our assignment, she must stay asleep.”

Jade hit the ground with a thud. The blinking light graded her every move; F. She had failed. Robin stuck his hand out to help her up.
“Wow. I really am out of practice,” Jade sinabi as she stood.
“You just need to keep trying. You did great for awhile.”
“Thanks. You did really well.”
“Never missed a training day.”
“Not unless it was inevitable.”
Jade shook her head and went to the kitchen. She grabbed a bottled water from the fridge, offering one to Robin as well. He shook his head no.
Silence filled the air between them, making the moment a little awkward. Robin hopped up onto the counter and Jade took a swig of her water.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Go ahead Robin.”
Robin looked away for a minute, choosing his words carefully.
“When you were working for the Light...did you know a girl named Becca Stevens?”
A flash of the image she had seen earlier appeared before her eyes and Jade blinked her eyes.
“The name sounds familiar.”
“Do you know anything about her?”
“I-I can't remember. All I remember is seeing her taken into the base when I was younger. She was shouting, trying to get free.”
“Do you remember anything else?”
“She kept saying your name. She would keep shouting it over and over again. As if it gave her ope.”
Jade cocked her head, looking at how pale Robin had become.
“Why do you ask?”
“I used to know her. When we were very young.”
“Oh Robin! I'm sorry.”
“You didn't know. Jade, do you know what happened to her?”
“No. If she was taken she was put in a cell like the rest of us.”
“What do you mean like the rest?”
Jade blinked, knowing she had messed up. She opened her water, taking a huge drink. Robin continued to stare at her.
“Jade. What do you mean?”
Jade paused a minuto before speaking.
“There are madami of us Robin. madami who have been trained sa pamamagitan ng the Light to destroy or replace the heroes. Or to take control of them.”
“How many of you are there?”
“In total? 2000. All have been trained, genetically engineered, or created as clones. With the exception of Frost. She has multiple DNAs inside her.”
“There are 2000 of you?!”
“Yes. Well now there are 1996. The three of us escaped. It wasn't easy. There are tons of guards everywhere. It's a regular Cadmus.”
“You know about Cadmus?”
“That is where Superboy was made. He was created sa pamamagitan ng the Light. But he escaped too. Hence why there are now only 1996 victims that belong to the Light.”
“They took that many children, that much DNA to create their own army?”
“Yes. They have plans but I can not tell you what they are. All I know is that only four have left the base alive. 5000 others have left dead.”
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a video of epicness... well ik it's not rlly a word but :P
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I know it's Young Justice, but I think it fits us all. We all need someone. So this is for everyone. And REALLY listen to it.
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I pag-ibig Hollywood undead alwas have since they first ae out! Also this is RATED PGAWESOME FOR BAD LANGUAGE AND PURE AWESOMENESS! Its kinda from us to the villians... Young-Hollywood Undead
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
This is when Artemis dies. Except this time it’s real.

Nightwing was fighting. He saw Kaldur fighting with Artemis; He discreetly took out the blood packet from his belt. He finished off the guys he was fighting with and turned to Kaldur and Artemis. Kaldur pulled out his water sword and stabbed Artemis.
“Artemis” He yelled. Artemis backed away holding her stomach. Nightwing caught her as she fell. He was about to pop the blood packet when he felt something wet on her. He pulled his hand away and saw blood already soaking through her costume.
“Artemis?” he asked. His voice shook...
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posted by NekoTheif
Before Charm goes M.I.A
Bonnie's rules
1. No staying up past bedtime
2. Bedtime is not to be negotiated.
3. No dating until your 16 or older
4. When on dates must have kutsilyo on you
6. Must meet this boyfriend
7. No having kendi before hapunan and after 9
8. No ice cream/ any other treat before hapunan or after nine.
9. Don't copy daddy
10. Don't repeat anything daddy says
11. Don't tell your mga kaibigan that your mommy is a wolf
12. No telling your enemies that your mommy and daddy will kill them in their sleep
13. Don't tell your teachers your daddy taught you to use a gun

Charm's rules

1. No cursing around...
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