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posted by NekoTheif
So I'm Pagsulat this story on my account on Quizilla (Google- LunariAssain1) and as I sinabi will be placing magpabago for it. So here is this update before I start because i will WRITE THIS STORY even if it kills me.

Title- Birds Of A Feather
She is a weapon. ibingiay a power she is afraid to use. She loves it and hates it. When she is rescued Hawkwoman takes her in. She refuses to use her powers and joins Young Justice. Will she hide her powers or hide them forever?

Hero Name- Angel
Secret Identity- Amelia Tor
Age- 13
Martial Arts


Shy about using powers
Prone to lashing out if pushed to hard

Protege Of Hawkwoman

Chapter 22-

The door slid open. holly looked up from her melancholy position to see Revenge standing in the doorway. He walked in and the door closed behind him.

"You'll be happy to know the Shadow has been taken care of." Revenge said.

"Singular or Plural?"


"Scout. Tester." holly said, before sliding back down inter bed. "They'll be coming."

"And I'll be ready."

Holly frowned and sat up, leaning against the wall. Revenge walked over & sat down susunod to her. "It'll be okay. I won't let anything happen to you. Ever."

"Y'know, when you aren't in battle. You can be a pretty nice guy." Holly...
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Chapter 4-

Red Revenge had a theory for taking down the mayor. If he was indeed a Shadow, he would probably be heading to the morgue to destroy all evidence of the League of Shadow's involvement. So Revenge would wait there.

It was around three in the morning when the Shadow got there. He was dressed in his Shadow clothing, staying in the dark, making sure the area was clear before heading to the specific drawer his 'friend' was in.

Revenge watched. The Shadow placed something in the drawer and began to close it.

Revenge jumped down and kicked him in the face. The shadow fell to the ground. Revenge...
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added by Robin_Love
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posted by ReneYJ
Rosie tumbled off her kama and hit her head (Rhyme!) and now she has and ice pack.
    "What the heck happened?" she signed.
    "Well, I shook you out of kama and you tumbled to the ground," I signed back. I am so relived that I finnally have someone to talk to things about, plus, no one can understand or 'hear' us. Rosie gave a little chuckle snort and I laughed hystaricly. Her stoned look at me told me I was in deep trouble. Shit. We started the walk down to the kusina because there is nothing better than eatting after you made your best friend fall...
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posted by BladeYJ
It was dark.. the smell of metallic and rotting flesh filled her lungs. She coughed as her eyes adjusted to the darkness.
"Wh.. where am I?" Blade muttered almost not understandable through all her coughing. Cool, soul-less fingers ran through her long, golden hair.
"Oh sweetie, why did you ever leave me?" He came closer inhaling her sent and smirked continuing his sentence,"I almost forgot what a stupid,worthless, betraying, beauty pagtunaw like.." He smiled and turned her face towards his with his index finger.
Blade replied with her snarky tone, even though she was dying inside,"And i forgot...
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posted by NotteYJ
The night was cool for summer. The ocean breeze danced around in the night, leaves applauding as it shook them awake in the moon filled night. The streets were silent, lamppost lighting up the abandoned roads. Only the night creatures roamed. And me. I walked silently, almost freely, in the town. The town of the junior heroes. They were pathetic. Why would she return here? I heard the flapping of heavy wings and looked up. There she was, my angel. She was trying to fly. But I knew her wings were too torn and broken for anything madami than a few feet. Which meant it should be easy. I walked with...
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Revenge watched. The Shadow placed something in the drawer and began to close it.

Revenge jumped down and kicked him in the face. The shadow fell to the ground. Revenge pinned him before opening the drawer. The body was disintegrated, an acid ate through the flesh, muscles, bones, everything. Revenge collected a sample before he saw the grenade.

It was a timed grenade. And the timer indicated ten segundos before detonation.


Longer Article:fhaiufiauhdfiuashdfiuashdfiuahdfiuahsiudfhasiudfhiuasdhfiuashdfiashdfiu (anyone ever gotten this notification?)
posted by MercyYJ
**I do not own any of the characters in the story beside Mercy, Heather, and Colin**

I REALLY didn't want to deal with this. Not right now, at least. I glanced over at Colin, the panic starting to return to his face. "Colin, go. I just be a few minutes." I tried smiling reassuringly. He gave a weak nod and quickly disappeared in a ulap of blue smoke. I looked down, "You guys are going to kick my butt, aren't you?" I mumbled out. "Maybe later," Blade smirked. "But for now we just want to talk." Nightwing interrupted. "Yeah? Well I don't." I frowned, trying to over up what I was really thinking....
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posted by SilverWings13
Yes, I realize a couple of these characters don't fit into the current timeline, but they DO fit my plot pretty well.
P.S. I only own SilverWings (Aryess), Ruse (Jasper/Jazz), Blaze (Nic), and Thirteen (Alek). The others belong to DC and the magnificent others of this tagahanga page.
P.S.S. Yeah, I probably screwed up the bat-brats. Included a few wrongs kids, descluded a few others. I apologize.

Proven part VIII

The boys met me at the foot of the stairs. While I had been gone, they had begun to mingle with the other guests, but admitted that nothing of interest had come up.
"The Key? You sinabi you know...
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posted by ReneYJ
"Rene, you are going to be late for training," sinabi Megan. Crap. Quickly, I put on my paborito outfit; long sleeve purple sando with a black mini palda and yellow leggings, and of course, my long black boots. I ran a comb through her thick red hair, ran to the kusina and grabed a pop tart. This will have to do. Can't be late on the first day. I shoved the pop tart down my throat as I sprinted to training.
    "Oh good, you made it. I thought I would have to go and get you," Megan said. I found a perfect spot where I could practice my spells and study. It all went well,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
( Gotham City 9:43 PM ,National Bank)

A car pulled up with its blue and red sirons flashing into the night, he hid himself in the shadows behind a pader peering his head slightly to see what was going on, he ducked his head back behind the pader as a flashlight shone over there, he knew it didnt mean anything he had done this many times before and never yet had been caught, he kept thinking to himself should i just turn myself in? should i just let them see who i really am?, he snapped his thoughts back to reality and talked to himself in his head recalling the reasons it was best to stay like...
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posted by YJTTFAN
“This is so stupid....” Fang muttered pulling at his clothes. The others in the room muttered in agreement. Sighing Delta pulled her red hood up. Willow tries to mess her hair up further. Artemis glared down at her dress as if she wanted to slice it to pieces, which was very likely. Lucas was in a similar predicament.
“Why am I a villain?!” Becca muttered placing the heavy balabal on over the glamorous clothing. Blade was glaring murderously at everyone in the area, only causing Fang and Delta to laugh quietly at her predicament.
“Trust me Bec, I would rather be The Witch then Rapunzel...
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posted by BladeYJ
It tore at her.. the pain.. the hurt.. the betrayal. She knew.. she knew all she did was wrong or flawed in every way. She loved her team, they were her only family, how could she not. She wished she could just come out and say it.. say "I. Am. A. Traitor"
She glanced over and noticed the blood dripping from her wrists.. she didnt care though.. she ignored the pain. Actually she was content with it, it was like a friend that hated her but loved her all at once.
The dark maroon blood hit the ground and she grabbed one of the razors on her dresser, she looked over it and suddenly was over-whelmed...
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posted by BeccaYJ
I could hear the sounds of a fight from my room. The thick wood door was closed. Which meant I was missing out. But damn it all Sam had hurt me. I was starting to respect him and he had hurt me! I was very tempted to go out there and kill someone. But those flirtatious perverts wouldn't stop even if I did! So I stayed hidden in my room.
“Becky, report!”
Oooo. I wanted to rip his throat to shreds for calling me that. But that would jeopardize the entire mission. Not okay. Bats would tear me to shred. I answered with the communicator.
“Mission successful. Two-Face got what he wanted.”
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posted by Robin_Love
 Devin: Aria costume
Devin: Aria costume
Name:Devin Grayson
Occupation:(Fallen) Angel; hero
Relationship to team:Unrevealed
Powers:Flight(wings), skilled fighter, can steal the evil from any person, all and any elements, healing, telepathic links
History:Growing up in the circus, Devin was always dreamed of flying. Her dreams became reality when Devin died at the age of fifteen. She became an angel, looking after her own family. She was later stripped of her wings and turned into a Dark Angel. She was taken in sa pamamagitan ng a demon, who trained her in all forms of combat and magic. Devin became a spy, working to gain her...
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posted by Robin_Love
I've stayed awake at night for the past three weeks. Ever since she moved on. The darkness covers me and seems to whisper words. The past three weeks have been torture for me. I know she's here. Always know. She and I stay in the same place. She's just a few doors down. It would be easy for me to go to her. But two things stop me. She doesn't want me. I've never done things the easy way. People have always called me a monster. I thought she had seen different. But she didn't. She was just taken in sa pamamagitan ng my words, the truth. So it's my fault really. I shouldn't have let my guard down. I shouldn't...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca approached him from behind, never making a sound. She wasn't too keen on talking to him, much less being anywhere near him. He was a fool, someone she would ignore. But he had crossed the line. He had hit a nerve inside her and she needed to be heard, loud and clear.
He turned his head slightly. He turned back to looking at the bank when he saw who it was. She knew he was upset. He had been hurt in battle, but Becca had wanted him out of the mountain. There were very few she turned away from. But this guy she did. In front of everyone.
“I get that you don't like me....
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posted by Silence_BelleYJ
I rested alone in my room, watching the snow fall outside my window. My mom came in, her perfect blonde hair lying carefully on her shoulders. She wore her leather dyaket like she usually did on her work days. Like she did nearly every day. “I’m going now. Are you sure you don’t want to come meet them?”
“Positive. I’m not a hero. Don’t belong there.”
She nodded and shut my door. I watched her in the snow, trudging up to a blonde man, together they went to where I knew their ‘Team’ would be waiting.
Once they were gone, I relaxed even further into my bed. It bugged...
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Chapter Twenty-

It had been a week since holly had been detained, and still nothing had happened. No Shadows, no threats. Sam was beginning to think holly was wrong.

Until the meeting on the tower.

Sam was supposed to meet a stock broker for his mother at the tuktok of Grant Tower. For whatever reason, she hadn't felt the need to explain that in the note.

So that's where Sam was Tuesday morning. Waiting for a stock broker and suspecting holly would escape while he was gone. So far he had managed to arrive before she woke up and would leave after she was asleep. Not today.

"Mr. Grant?"

Sam turned to...
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