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posted by NekoTheif
So I'm Pagsulat this story on my account on Quizilla (Google- LunariAssain1) and as I sinabi will be placing magpabago for it. So here is this update before I start because i will WRITE THIS STORY even if it kills me.

Title- Birds Of A Feather
She is a weapon. ibingiay a power she is afraid to use. She loves it and hates it. When she is rescued Hawkwoman takes her in. She refuses to use her powers and joins Young Justice. Will she hide her powers or hide them forever?

Hero Name- Angel
Secret Identity- Amelia Tor
Age- 13
Martial Arts


Shy about using powers
Prone to lashing out if pushed to hard

Protege Of Hawkwoman

posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Willow Stevens

Hero Name: Cyrus

Age: 15

Relations: Wallys girlfriend and Beccas older sister.

Personality: Willow can be very shy at times and has low self esteem when it comes to dating Wally, she is very caring and doesnt like seeing people upset.

Powers/Skills: can teleport and has some skill in combat, her eyes glow light blue when her powers are in use and beams shoot from her hand similar to the ways starfire do.

Appearance: Dark brown eyes and hair with tanned skin.

Civvies: on warm days jean short shorts with a tank tuktok ( you may choose le colour XD) on cold days roots pants and tank...
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posted by YJTTFAN
Young Justice Goes Red Vs Blue Quoting
You don’t really have to know what RvB is, just that it’s super funny and epic and that you should see it. (its a web series, It’s up on youtube)

After a long battle with Scarecrow, the team realises that Lucas and Megan got hit with some of his ‘new toy’. The newest gas seemed to have two different effects, for Megan it made her lose her ability to use her powers and she only spoke Martaian, and did something...
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posted by Obscurity98
"Harley!" kaldur hissed angrilly. "Harley where are you?" as if he expected an answer. Kaldur's silver eyes flickered across the water. And suddenly kalapati in. Wally wanted to call out to his friend not to get caught, but it was too late. Kaldur was under. He looked around just to see who else was freaking out. Turns out mostly everyone was. Tanner was over looking Alana and Ava, who were under water also swimming around looking for Harley. Superboy was underwater along with Miss M. Who held their breath for a long time. Robin was swimming aorund, Calling her name in a hoarse whisper. The only...
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posted by Obscurity98
Becca stood on the counter wiping off the glob of pagkain M'gann thrrew up there when Wally scared her. She sighed with a smile as she scraped off the last bits of food. "What are you doing??" asked a voice suddenly. Becca swivled around to face Lucas,"Oh uy luke. Just cleaning up a mess." Lucas nodded and waved her off, "Yeah okay." He flipped his hair as Artemis walked in. He looked up from the sopa where he just sat,"Oh uy Arty! Come here babe. Sit with me." Artemi shrugged natrually, a shrug that sinabi happy and reluctant. She threw hersefl on the sopa susunod to him.
Just then they heard...
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Sneak Peek Part II
Revenge or Redemption

"This Way!" Revenge yelled.

I followed, ducking into a closet. My yellow/black cape swished behind me and exposed where we were. 

"Tam! Ogan'!" a voice yelled. 

The Russians brought their mga baril to madala on the wooden door and fired. Revenge leaped in front of me, taking the shock and damage of the bullets. But fifteen AK-47s firing into his chest managed to knock him out.

The Russians busted open the door and knocked me down with a riple to the head. One pointed his gun at me. 

"Ostan'sya vnizu malen'kaya devochka!" he yelled.

I struggled to think, the blow to my head had me in a daze.

"C'mon Barbara! Think! You're in Russia! Batman taught you this much."

After a bit of thinking, I managed to translate it into 'Stay down little girl'. 

The susunod time they sinabi something, it was easier to translate.

"Voz'mite ikh s losifom!" 

Translation: Take them to Joseph.

The Red Army Rises: 
Part II Revenge or Redemption
posted by InfinityYJ
Jessica was happy. Oh, so elated and happy. Nothing else if not excited. She totally had Fin in her control. What she’d have done so many years nakaraan for this. It wasn’t exactly Fin, though, but whatever... and she only had her one araw a week. Still.
“Well, F-Phoenix...” she began, watching Fin’s body radiate heat. “Can you, like...”
“Of course.”
The heat died down a bit, and Jessica wiped the tiny line of sweat from her forehead. “What can you do?”
“Everything the girl can do, but with much madami power and control.”
Jessica grinned. “Can you kill?”
“If you want me to.”...
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part I
Silver Wings POV
The apoy raged on. It engulfed the whole house, encasing the roof, the windows, my room in angry flames. The sound of breaking glass joined the chorus of splintering timber as a window exploding outward. A scream amplified over the chaos...
I woke with a start. Sitting up in my bed, covered in sweat, I became aware of the loud beeps of my alarm clock. I hit the snooze and took a deep, relieved breath. It was only a dream. Scratch that, a night mare.
I kicked off my covers and jumped out of bed. I hurriedly got dressed in my uniform and brushed my sun-bleached blonde...
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posted by The_Red_Revenge

I hadn't meant to make the girl cry, but dang! She evidentially didn't know a thing about privacy.

As I walked down the hall back toward the common room, I heard someone muttering. I ignored them and opened the fridge, pulling out a bottled beverage before heading back.

I could still remember being shoved into the glass box, Two-Face getting ready to induce a chemical into the box. 

I was so distracted, I ran flat into someone. This 'someone' was huge though. Big enough to take on Bane and probably defeat him.

"Hey, Sammy." he sinabi in an Italian accent. "Where's pretty girl?" 

I didn't know...
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posted by killer24
hope you like him


real id:unknown


power:super smart,can fly,can sift from robot or human forms,can expand body to full height,can stretch body parts


looks:blond hair,purple eyes,green skin,well muscled,purple and black clothes,three dots on head

fears/phobias:to become a full brainiac and take over the universe

history:on a mission got teleported back in time to when the league found super boy (end of episode 2) him and shadow became mga kaibigan latter became part of squad X bats secret team

other:is a brainiac/robot
 data going human
data going human
 data at full hight
data at full hight
posted by Robin_Love
Name: Clint Le Fay
Alias: Morgrihm
Occupation: Villain
Power: Light, amplifies any pain inside people, telepathic link to Heather, freeze time, visions of future events, dark faerie magic, hand-to-hand combat, trained with a sword
History: Little is known about Clint's past. What is known is that he was born in trouble and raised in shadows. Clint once figured out he was related to the mysterious and powerful morgan Le Fay from the tales of Camelot, which explains why one of his eyes are blue and one is red.. He has been trained in the dark arts of a faerie magic, making him quite strong. His ability...
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Liberty placed both hands on the steering wheel of the dark blue Ferrari she was driving. She shifted gears and pressed on the gas petal. The car screeched off down the streets of manhattan. Liberty looked over at her dad who had one hand on the door handle and the other on his shield. She slammed on the brakes as pedestrians ran in front of her, while aliens ran after them. They stood in front the car, Liberty put the car in neutral and pressed down on the gas, making the car give off a loud roar. She put it back in drive and sped off. 
"You're cutting it close Liberty." her father said.
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posted by AislingYJ
I stifled a yawn as I sank lower in my mesa in the back of the classroom. My first araw at the Gotham Academy had been torture. I was the only kid who was here on a scholarship, and all day, I had been surrounded sa pamamagitan ng rich brats who, upon realizing that I wasn’t like them, wanted nothing to do with me. At one point during the day, I had thought I’d seen Fin, my best friend, walking through the hallways, but when I ran towards her, it had been someone else. Why would Fin be there, anyway? This was a school for rich kids, and anyway, she was only thirteen. She couldn’t possibly be a high schooler....
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posted by Obscurity98
 Regularly Dressed
Regularly Dressed
Name: Alcor
ID: Evan Reece
Age: 15 1/2
Status: Hero

Powers:Control's dark energy and matter. And control the gravity around any object. can fly and breath in puwang w/o a spacesuit. He can create black holes and send ppl or object to other demnsions. Materialize things.

Note: Doesnt need to breath Air like humans do. He can make his own air for himself out of any substance.

Realtionship to team:Freind of Kaldur's

Abandonned on Earth from his real Parents Alcor grew up in the hands of a Soldier in Atlantis. Alcor soon found out what he could do with his powers, ibingiay t o him when crossing...
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posted by Robin_Love
Serepta walked into the core of headquarters. She typed in several commands, leaning over the desk. Several larawan appeared on the huge screen. She smirked. I warned them before. Don't mess with me. Foolish heroes.
“Who to see to first?”
Serepta tapped her fingers on the desk.
“Looking fabulous today, aren't we?”
Serepta smirked over at her boyfriend. Usual flirt that he was. He was good at it too. Just loved to flirt with himself.
“And who would you be talking to?” Serepta asked, crossing her legs seductively.
“You of course. I already know I look good.”
Serepta turned back to...
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added by YJTTFAN
YJfanvid's video
young justice
posted by InfinityYJ
as robinluv14: you wont see this two until the sequel of Losing You, which'll be called Petals from the Flame. it should be up in about a month... hence your encounter with Kenzie, saying that she was a buwan ahead. Yeah... ok.

OC 1
Name: Samantha "Manta" Clouder
Hero name: sinag (oh, the tragic irony)
Age: 15
Appearance: short, black hair in a spiked bob, tips are blue and purple, kulay-lila eyes, tan skin
Civies: black short shorts, blue sleeveless top, purple studded blazer, black biker gloves, sunglasses on head that are never used, black studded heels
Costume: black bodysuit with blue highlights, the...
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posted by AislingYJ
The room was dark, the air musty and stale. In this underground space, madami of a complex, really, it was impossible to tell the outside time. The boy tiptoed into the large main room, hugging the pader as he surveyed the dark interior. He adjusted his glasses slightly, shook a few strands of blonde hair out of his face, as he squinted in the gloom.
A scrawny, ratty-looking man was hunched in the corner, absorbed in something. He was crouched on the bare floor, and an upturned box served as a table. A small, flickering orb of light was floating above the table, bathing it in a yellow glow, and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Lex. Luthor. is your dad! " Robin exclaimed with shock, " he summoned me the Santa Prisca...." Connnor sinabi as the blur came back to the feild surrounded sa pamamagitan ng the jungle. Meagan passed Connor looking at him then looking away and Artemis passed Lucas with fear in her eyes and looked away as well, Becca followed the two girls aswell, " bring them along..." SportsMaster sinabi to Bllockbuster, Blockbuster walked up to Connor and Lucas, Artemis watched then suddenly began to run towards them and shot an palaso and a blur came back to the mountain with the team and Artemis spoke up, " ugh... listen.....
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