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posted by Obscurity98
 Obscurity's new outfit!!!
Obscurity's new outfit!!!
I have a knew look for Obscurity, all info is still the same. even her fetures, except her outfit. her pag-ibig of swords is still visible, but there is a little difference. i hope you like the new and improved HARLEY!

Let me descibe incase you cannot see it well:
-Her outfit is made of metal and buttlet proof.
-It clings to her body the way GreenLanters outfit does to him.
-She still carries swords
-Her legs are slightly exposed
-Boots (made of metal) go up to just below the bend of the knee.
-It doesnt make noise or rattle.
-A crown almost like Wonder Woman to protect her head.
-Gloves go up to the below the kama of her elbow.
-Gloves stop prtection at the knuckles.
-Arm bands on both arms, just for style
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posted by Kurls_Basd
how i think jade reacted to Artemis death.

You're a good girl..... Aren't yah?...yes." Jade sinabi in the goody goody baby talk as she played with her baby girl. Lian giggled as she held her mother forefinger listening to the her comments and watching her make a thousand kissy faces .
She grab hold of her mother wide black locks and Jade gushed out,"Awe! Lian that's my hair." She quickly remove the child's tight grip from her hair. She rubbed her head as she held Lian with one hand, balancing the child on her lap.
"Dada," Lian said, as her mother look back at her.
"He''ll be back in sec...." Jade...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Robin and Wally were sparing when Megan came in. Wally got distracted and turned his attention to her. Robin smirked using the opportunity to send a manuntok his way. Wally barely dodged the manuntok sa pamamagitan ng leaning back letting Robin's fist fly above his head. Both of the boys stood still for a moment.
"Cool, Matrix" Wally sinabi still in position. Robin then made a quick ilipat of sliding his feet under Wally's.
"Kid Flash fail" sinabi an electronic voice. Megan walked to them holding a tray with a pitcher and cups.
"Are you okay Wally?" She asked. Wally quickly stood up.
"Of course Babe" He said.
"I made lemonade....
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Okay, I have finally found the time to sit down and sort out the Red Revenge universe. Red Revenge also receives a new suit upgrade which I will ipakita later.

Basic Upgrades to his Suit:

* Revenge now possesses complete mental control of all of his weapons, computers, suits, self-destruct sequences, and a kill-switch on Emerald's* suit.

* Revenge has nano-technology sewn into his cape and neck/shoulder armor. (The specifics of this nano-technology have yet to be revealed).

* He now has micro-tubes on his arms and near his utility sinturon which dispense daggers at his mental command allowing for greater...
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so hope you like it so hear go's please tell me if you like it im not very go at this


code name:elementi

powers:can control the four elements fire,air,water,Earth

personalty:funny,shy,dumb at times,but mess with mga kaibigan and your going down,will stop at nothing to help a friend in need

looks:gold/blond heir,blue/yellow eyes

past:mum&dad left him in the forest to live but was rescued sa pamamagitan ng wolf's and trained. now he can use the elements at will but when found sa pamamagitan ng batman he entered the young justice program to fight evil when called upon
 his weapons
his weapons
posted by Mclovin_69
The bio ship flew through the air in camoflauge mode, Meagan flew the ship in silence. Willow sat in her upuan tears still coming from her eyes, Becca touched her shoulder, making Willow look up. Eclipse looked at Willow she was in shock. " Willow... are you alright.." Eclipse asked. Willow looked at her fighting the tears and shook her head no and threw her head in her hands, " its all my fault... if i didnt hit that ship none of this would hvae happened... Wally would still be here..." Willow mumlbed in shaken words, " dear its not your fault..." Eclipse said, Willow didnt answer she just...
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posted by Robin_Love
This story is a little story about Willow and Becca on the YJ team. Just an FYI. Enjoy! XD

“If only you could understand. I'm not like everyone else!” Willow cried.
“I know that. But can't you just-”
“No I can't Wally!” Willow interjected. “I can't let you know any madami than you do. My life is a secret and you need to respect that.”
“I'm trying but it's not that easy Willow!”
“You do it all the time with Robin!” Willow spat.
“He's my best friend! You're my girlfriend! I want to know you better. I want to feel what you have been through.”
“You can't! You will never know...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Rebecca Stevens
Rebecca Stevens
“If I didn't know any better,” Wally started, “I'd say someone was following us.”
“You mean like people always do?” Artemis responded.
Wally nodded. He looked around them. It was early morning and no body should have been awake. The only reason the team wasn't at the mountain was because Batman had decided to wake them up earlier than normal so they could patrol. And Robin was totally awake! Even Wally wasn't awake as fast as Robin. Then again, the boy only got like four hours of sleep in a day. Wally yawned, feeling his feet start to drag. First he felt only the early sun shinning...
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 "Did you know...?"
"Did you know...?"
I flew back through the window, finding the team asleep on the floor.
"Guys?" I kneeled down beside Aqualad, and tapped him lightly.
He woke with a startle. "Jeannette? Did you catch Cheshire?"
I nodded. "Yeah, she's in jail now. Did you know...?" Should I tell them about the baby?
"Never mind," I sinabi quickly. "You guys could go home. I'll stay and patrol the city."
The rest of the team woke up and headed for the bioship, while I locked all the doors to the suite.
Before I flew out the window, I quickly latched it, drawing the curtains.
I knew I was tired, but I couldn't keep the image...
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posted by Candy77019
 "You have to practice this everyday, starting tomorrow."
"You have to practice this everyday, starting tomorrow."
The door to the terminal opened slowly, as Megan landed the bioship in the big landing unit.
We all got out of the ship and headed to the Mission Room, where Erica sat at the computer, staring at nothing.
"Guys!" She greeted, hugging Robin, then looking at me. "That was fast!"
I showed her my scroll. "She didn't have time to teach me." I didn't miss her quick frown before she looked at it.
She smiled, then gave it back to me. "You have to practice this everyday, starting tomorrow."
KF looked at the pader clock. "I have to get to school!" he flashed out of the mountain and headed for his school....
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