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posted by Robin_Love
Just something I wrote for no reason at all. Hope you enjoy.

Becca sat huddled in her room as another roar of thunder sounded. She cowered, lightning flashing. It wasn't long before the thunder sounded, and Becca screeched, covering her ears. She regretted her choice to stay home. She should've gone with the others. But she hadn't felt bravo enough to go to Happy Harbor in the rain. Now she wished she had gone. At least Robin would've been there to comfort her. As another roll of thunder sounded, Becca screeched and ran from her room.
“He's a lot braver than I am,” she said.
Becca ran and...
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posted by robinfanforever
Robin’s POV

He was so close I could’ve touched him. After I saw him enter the tent, I ran and hid in the bushes. I was really still and really quiet so that Bruce didn’t hear or see me when he went past.

He finally gave up and went back into the tent, and that’s when I got out and ran as fast as I could. Now I’m in a city that I don’t know, and I’m sitting on the ground in an alley.

I’ve been on the road and in different cities for two weeks now. I’m trying not to think of Bruce or my friends, but the madami I see, the madami I realize that I’m now alone.

I miss Bruce and the team....
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How NOT To Light the Town pasko puno (with Guest bituin Appearance!)

"And tonight, we have local hero, Flash Jr.-"

Wally whispered something in the Mayor's ear and sat back down.

"Sorry, Tonight we have local hero Kid Flash to continue this century long ritual of lighting the Town pasko puno on pasko Eve!"

The mayor stepped aside and Wally stepped up to the stand.

"Thank you mayor and citizens of Central City! I'm going to make this quick and simple because I've got a hot petsa to go to-"

The crowd laughed.

"Naw, not really, let's do this!" Wally sinabi with a grin. He took the trigger from...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca laughed as she was pulled up a hill.
“Just tell me Dick,” she said.
“No. I want to ipakita you.”
Becca laughed again and shook her head at her boyfriend.
“You're crazy. And a dork.”
“I resent that.”
Becca was pushed to a stop and shje could feel Dick's breath hot on her ear as he stood behind her. He removed the blindfold and Becca opened her eyes. She blinked as she saw her parents' graves moved from their old spot to sit sa pamamagitan ng Dick's parents. Her parents' headstones were beautifully engraved wih their names, the times they lived, and two hearts linked together. The same incription...
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 She stabbed me and keeped stabbing me against a wall.
She stabbed me and keeped stabbing me against a wall.
We were at the mission room Batman was debreefing:
In the Carribean sea there is an island named Puerto Rico,There have been reports that something is killing people and destroying mountains.
Wally had a horrified expresion:
If it destroys mountains can`t you send the league?
Wally,you wanted a mission they gave you one now don`t complain.
"Like FireBlaster said,here are the coordinates do`nt fail."
We headed towards the bio-ship and boarded I sat susunod to wally to see if he would calm down.
But sadly I made it worse.

We are here."
Great,now lets find that thing.
you know in the cartoons that you see...
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posted by CrimsonDeath14
'Come on!Come on it has to be here some place!'cried a young boy,probley around the age of 13,his beautiful ocean colored eyes darting around the hallway looking faranticly for somthing.His raven colored hair is glistening in the evening light comming in through the windows,"there he is!Get him!"yelled boys that seem to be older and also seems to be wearing some type of sports uniform.'AHHH!Finally,i found it."he sinabi as he ran around a corner and opened up a locker and entered it.This boy is very skinny and fairly short but can often use that as an advantige.'Hey,Dick soo who are you hiding...
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I was bored.
1. Point to walang tiyak na layunin people and announce that they are “definitely not whelmed”.
2. In the middle of a conversation, run away screaming “I hate monkeys!!!!”
3. Whenever they ask to make plans with you, tell them that you’re too busy moping about the hiatus.
4. Take the prefixes off of words they say in conversation.
5. Then, if they ask what you’re doing, say you’re improving the English language.
6. Whenever you realize something, slap your forehead and say “Hello _____(your name)!”
7. If your “friend” is of the opposite gender, tell them that their biceps/abs/whatever...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Becca-Dark Angel
Becca-Dark Angel
“What do you mean? Of course your humans!”
Becca shook her head.
“No, Dick. We aren't. Come with me.”
Becca got up and Dick followed her down the the living room. Zatanna, Kendra, and Artemis looked up when they entered.
“Alright. I'm not going to sugarcoat this,” Becca said. “Kendra is a Neko, Zatanna is a were-wolf, and Artemis is a vampire. I'm a Dark Angel.”
Dick stared at the four girls before bursting into laughter.
“Yeah right! And I'm a unicorn.”
Dick's laughter stopped when thick black wings appeared in the rooms. Becca looked at him, hiding her wings. He looked over...
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posted by Helen_Wayne
We arrived to the door of Kyle Mansion and I was as nervous as if you have to jump to a pool of 55 m. Down from a pader of 100 ft. Finally we entered...
She came I saw her, she saw me, then Batman and Robin (of course they were on their costumes) I thought she would be happy to finally see her daughter but externally she was madly angry but in the inside she was happy I really don't know how I did it but when I look at her eyes I saw her thoughts and something must happened to my eyes 'cuz I see a light reflect on my sunglasses and Dick jumped back a bit.
I was scared about what she would say...
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posted by Candy77019
 "We need a plan."
"We need a plan."
Around three in the morning, out of the foggy mist, a mountain appeared. Glowing green lights illuminated the sky around the mountain, making it obvious that a Lazarus Pit was inside.
"Team, we have to be really careful here," Aqualad cautioned. "If a healthy person falls into the Pit, the result may be...fatal."
A chill ran down my spine at the sound of his last word.
"We need a plan," Artemis suggested.
"Easy," I said, standing up. "You guys watch my back while I retrieve the Boy Wonder."
"Are you sure you could do that alone?" Megan asked.
I nodded. "I can't risk you guys getting hurt."
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posted by nymph_tonks
the interveiws are monthly now. much easier.
p.s. i turned 11 yesterday.
me: hello robin.
rob:hey babe.
me: i thought i told you, we're over.
rob:what!? you never told me that!
me:well now you know. first question, will you stay for the rest of the interveiw?
rob: okay.
me:good. have you read my interveiw with kf?
rob: yah. it was pretty funny.
me: *pullls off robins mask*
rob: why'd you that?
me: because i'm evil.
rob:i hate you now.
me: good. go away now.
rob: *walks away*
me: that was a fairly short interveiw.
posted by ecoelo
Okay I'm here in my room, a pencil in my hand Pagsulat about an extraordinary term I've had.

He walked me home, his arm over my shoulder and when we got to my door...

"Hey dork are you coming or not?" I turned around to see my 9 taon old brother Liam in my doorway.
"I'm nearly finished. Wait" I sinabi as I turned back to my notebook.
"Hey! I wait for you to try on your clothes at the mall. You try out like a bisillion (that's not a number) clothes and every time you look in the mirror your like
Does this dress make me look fat?" he sinabi in a little girl voice. "Well b!tch it does!"
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver


I've gotten the following from several reliable sources.

MISPLACED: So what we know so far: All the adults disappear and the team, Zatanna and Billy are left to fight super powerful sorcerers. What we didn't know: Somewhere in the episode, Dr.Fate takes Zatanna and won't give her back. However he WILL only if Zatarra takes her place. So Zatara agrees and...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Standing on the Gotham City rooftops, I could hear everything, and see everything. God, it was beautiful up here.
"Nudge, keep a look out for Riddler and Joker." Fang loomed overtop me.
"Why are those too even working together anyway?" I sat on the edge of the building swinging my legs back and forth. Aqualad, Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash were on the opposite building looking for Harley Quinn and Poision Ivy. While Fang, Artemis, M'gann, and me are looking for Riddler and Joker. I sighed and put my head in my hands. Sirens blared in the streets below.
"Fang, I think I found them!" I hopped from...
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posted by Skittles98
I walked down the hall into an empty mission room.
“You called for me, Batman?” I said
“Yes. Your personal information must be entered into the computer before your first mission” he said
“Okay. I am fourteen years old, I’m Spanish, Brazilian and American, my last name is Dia, my birthday is August Tenth and both my parents are divorced and dead.” I finished
“August tenth, eh? That’s close to my friend Bruce Wayne’s birthday” he said
“Really? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of Bruce Wayne. From what I’ve heard, he’s not very nice” I sinabi slyly
“Oh, really? What have...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Revenche Costume
Revenche Costume
Need to know about this OC for a future article. ;)

Name: Jackie Barton (Unrevealed)
Alias: Revenche
Occupation: hero; student
Powers: Demon fire, speed, agility, block mind from telepaths, force fields, martial arts, weaponry, endurance
History: Jackie was born as the secret daughter of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. When she was young, Jackie was taken sa pamamagitan ng a demon called Belasco. He trained her in the mystic arts in his limbo and gifted her with the power of fire. He also taught her martial arts. Jackie became a fierce fighter, learning madami about the mystic arts. She had an extensive training in weaponry....
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posted by InfinityYJ
Just a little song fic. Song is Awake and Alive sa pamamagitan ng Skillet. Uh, yeah... so enjoy... and stuff. Most of this is based off of like, kamakailan pader events, Delta/Toxic/Shawdowa and all that.

I'm at war with the world and they're
Trying to pull me into the dark

Fin screamed. All her focus was here, now. She couldn't leave the fight, she wouldn't leave Delta there to die. She had to stay, had to fight back, but it was all just sheer pain. She felt like she could be the greek titan Atlas, the sky and world, her world, rested entirely in her hands at this moment, and she couldn't handle it. The lights...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The bio ship flew through the air in camoflauge mode, Meagan flew the ship in silence. Willow sat in her upuan tears still coming from her eyes, Becca touched her shoulder, making Willow look up. Eclipse looked at Willow she was in shock. " Willow... are you alright.." Eclipse asked. Willow looked at her fighting the tears and shook her head no and threw her head in her hands, " its all my fault... if i didnt hit that ship none of this would hvae happened... Wally would still be here..." Willow mumlbed in shaken words, " dear its not your fault..." Eclipse said, Willow didnt answer she just...
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posted by SB_lover0506
First off, happy late birthday to Dick Grayson.
Secondly, the story...

Barbara opened her locker only for it to be shut again sa pamamagitan ng her best friend, Dick Grayson. With a heavy sigh she glared at him and proceeded to open her locker once more.
"Do you know what araw it is?" Dick asked her with a hint of hope in his voice.
"December fourth. Why?" Barbara replied as she fiddled around in the confines of her locker for her textbook.
"It's three days after my birthday and..." Dick started.
"And you're wondering when you will get your present from me," Barbara finished for him along with the slam of her locker...
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posted by 66Dragons

2 weeks later...

Artemis landed on the rooftop, bow drawn.

"Relax, it's me." Revenge said, emerging from the shadows.

Artemis cocked her head, but didn't let go of her bow OR arrow. "What do you want Revenge?"

"I've changed my mind." Revenge said. "I'll sumali the Team on one condition."

"What condition?" Artemis asked.

"You listen to what I have to say."




Cheshire bowed before Ra's Al Ghul. 

"Your mission was a success?"

"Yes master." Cheshire handed her leader a disc which he inserted into a computer. "Holly's true loyalties were proven."

The screen behind Ra's Al Ghul lit up revealing a familiar face.

"And another of the "heroe's" identities belongs to...the Light."