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Put ♥ this ♥ on ♥ anyone's ♥ pader ♥ who ♥made ♥ you ♥ smile ♥ somewhere ♥ sometime ♥ in ♥ your ♥ life. ♥ ♥It ♥ may ♥ surprise ♥ you ♥but ♥ check ♥ out ♥ how ♥ many ♥ come ♥ back. ♥ Thanks ♥ a ♥ lot ♥ for ♥ making ♥ me♥ smile! ♥ Put ♥ this ♥ back ♥ on ♥ my ♥ pader ♥ if ♥ I ♥ ever ♥ made ♥ you ♥ smile ♥ Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Will You sumali My Clubs
I'll sumali Urs If You Have Any
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A bulaklak may die
The sun may set
But a friend like you
I'll never forget.
Your name is precious,
it will never grow old,
it's engraved in my heart,
in letters of ginto

Sent to all your family and friends, even me .If you get 3 back you'll get good news tonight.Pass this to madami than 9 people you love, I hope I am one pag-ibig You .^-^ Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas