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Michael Jackson

what is your favourite michael jackson song?

13 answers | my answer: Really every one, but I'm kind of partial to EARTH...
Michael Jackson

If Michael were still alive, do you think that he would of helped the Haiti situation?

31 answers | my answer: Of course! He was always searching for ways to help...
Michael Jackson

I found this and it is called I am alive and here forever

6 answers | my answer: It really does no good to speculate about whether h...
Michael Jackson

Does anyone know what perfume Michael used?

9 answers | my answer: Latoya (if you can believe everything she says) sa...
Michael Jackson

Please, we need prayers.

6 answers | my answer: May God heal her... I hope she'll be ok...
Michael Jackson

If Michael asked you to hide him away but NEVER tell anyone.Not one person.Could you keep your mouth shut?

15 answers | my answer: I would never open my mouth to anyone, I would NEVE...