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does anyone here live in sydney, near sydney?

4 answers | my answer: No, Perth, but I visit a lot. Usually every school...

Does anyone know the Planetshakers?

6 answers | my answer: Nope. I'm not religious, so I wouldn't know any Chr...
serye ng takip-silim

If some guy went around shouting" I HATE TWILIGHT! SCREW EDWARD , SCREW BELLA!! " what would you say.

150 answers | my answer: Shit, sorry. I didn't know I was being so loud.
serye ng takip-silim

listahan them vampries sa pamamagitan ng your favourite from the cullens

25 answers | my answer: 1. Rosalie 2. Jasper 3. Carlisle 4. Alice 5. Em...
serye ng takip-silim

Have you ever noticed how almost every Twilight hater says they hate it because other people do?

6 answers | my answer: Did you only ask the particularly dumb antis? I am...
Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

who is hotter harry potter or edward cullen?

68 answers | my answer: Honestly, I don't think either of the actors is par...
Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

What if JK Rowling re-writes Twilight

25 answers | my answer: I don't think even JKR could salvage Twilight. If s...
Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

can we please stop all the fighting and hate and name calling, please, it hurts to look.

4 answers | my answer: I think everyone needs to grow up and act mature ab...
Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

How many of you are harrypotter fans?

56 answers | my answer: *raises wand* There's a lot of us, and if your try...
Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

What do people mean sa pamamagitan ng Thesaurus Rape Kit?

2 answers | my answer: Stephenie Meyer essentially raped a thesaurus when...