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What this Pi araw thing?

6 answers | my answer: Pi araw is march 14th of every year...because the be...
CSI: Miami

How many episodes are scheduled to be in the seventh season does anybody know?

4 answers | my answer: i think 22 or 23...:)
serye ng takip-silim

is it just me or is jacob a total jerk??

19 answers | my answer: Umm...both YES AND NO...Jacob may have tried to tak...
serye ng takip-silim

What song is playing during the baseball scene?

12 answers | my answer: "Supermassive Blackhole" sa pamamagitan ng paraluman :)
serye ng takip-silim

it has been bugging me alot!!!!!! when is the song tremble for my beloved sa pamamagitan ng the collective soul in the twilight movie???

6 answers | my answer: hmmm...I'm pretty sure it's during the scene where...
serye ng takip-silim

Okay..I bought the twilight soundtrack the araw that it came out..How come I dont get any of the bonus tracks?? Is there anyway that I can get them?? Ive already tried iTunes!

7 answers | my answer: Well...I bought it on iTunes...and they came with t...
Gossip Girl

When is Leighton Meester's 1st album supposed to come out?

1 answer | my answer: This Spring(2009) :D
walang tiyak na layunin

how do you make those little hearts?? like the little icon one that people put in comments.

22 answers | my answer: Just copy & paste this:♥...=)
walang tiyak na layunin

How do you become a dedicated/diehard tagahanga of a particular club?

5 answers | my answer: You have to upload a bunch of links,photos, videos,...
Blair & Chuck

Don't you think Leighton and Ed could make a cute, hot (and everything) couple in real life?

13 answers | my answer: OF COURSE!!!!!!!THEY'D BE TOTES CUTE,HOT,AND EVERYT...