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What would you name an adorable 2-year-old little girl who is mischevious and does evil things?

38 answers | my answer: Zara or Zoe? I don't know why.

Here's a weird one: is there anything you hate about writing?

34 answers | my answer: not confident in my ability so i stopped Pagsulat ab...


6 answers | my answer: no idea what that means....never wrote a poem...sou...
Books to Read

I loved Harry Potter, then Twilight, then Hunger Games. Now what should I read?

86 answers | my answer: This isn't a series but it's an AMAZING book. It's...
mga kaibigan

Who do you think is Joey’s best female friend?

18 answers | my answer: Rachel &/or Phoebe.
mga kaibigan

listahan the order of ur fave characters from 1-6

23 answers | my answer: (1) CHANDLER (2) JOEY (3)MONICA (4)RACHEL (5)RO...
mga kaibigan

Please help me find a song from the first season, 4 episode, when Rachel Monica and Phoebe in the apartment of Monica, they are drinking something, and listening THIS song

2 answers | my answer: they are listening to Chumbawumba "I get Knocked Do...
mga kaibigan

Does anyone think that rachel is a bitch?

21 answers | my answer: she is my fave mga kaibigan girl but I totally agree-she...
isip kriminal

What episode do you think is the darkest/gruesome episode? and what episode do you think is the saddest of all episodes?And why?

7 answers | my answer: they are ALL dark & sad
isip kriminal

OMG is Reid leaving too!?

4 answers | my answer: he BETTER NOT BE!!!!!!!!! I will HATE the writers 4...