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Review by ivankiryushin posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
fan of it?
Aleska Emese Sáfrány was born on 6 August 1988 in a small town Komló in Hungary. “The life for me started out as a normal, simple one. I was living in a small average Hungarian town, hanging out with my mga kaibigan and attending a local school. I had a good life, but I wanted more.” Aleska Diamond decided to ilipat to the capital city of Hungary, Budapest to continue her studies at the college of performing art’s dance. That was a really strict environment for her, she was constantly dancing and studying. The school ended after 4 years, this was the point when Aleska Diamond’s life took a big turn. She decided to stay in the capital city, so she had to make her own living. She had different jobs, she was a waitress, sold ice creams, hand out flyers, was a Pilates instructor and dance teacher as well. But her bills just kept coming, so Aleska felt that her energy does not pay off with these opportunities in the long term. “Once a model agency sent me a letter – this was the time when I was just about to start accepting that my fate is an average girls life. The letter was sent sa pamamagitan ng an agency looking for models. I thought okay, I am full of energy, still young and confident in...