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AquaMarine6663 sinabi …
I started rewatching Death Note a little while nakaraan and...yikes. Honestly, the animation seemed a lot better when I first watched it.
Maybe it's just better animated in the segundo half when Near and Mello are introduced, but before that? A lot of it is actually lowkey funny to look at.

Still a great series though. Posted 3 days ago
Lavendergolden nagkomento…
The animation.....well, it was good, and I did like it. The segundo half went a bit downhill. L's death ruined stuff. It is my fave series along witn Fma brotherhood. Death note has the best plot, twists, and suspense out of all animes. AND L......... 2 days ago
AquaMarine6663 nagkomento…
I sinabi the animation. Not the ipakita in general. Meaning yeah, watching L and Light battle their wits was cool and all, but it ruins the moment when Light's face is all the way up on his forehead for some reason or L's eyes are on the side of his head. 2 days ago
SmolKitten sinabi …
Omg, it feels like this is the only club that's alive. The F..? Posted 3 days ago
kittykazami nagkomento…
I was just thinking the same thing... It's this and the walang tiyak na layunin club and none of the others have much activity. 3 days ago
Blaze1213IsBack nagkomento…
I try my best to keep some other clubs active but yeah your right lol. 2 days ago
big smile
MeiMisty sinabi …
Hello I just made a Kuroo club you are welcome to join. link Posted 4 days ago