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ang napili ng mga taga-hanga: ariana grande
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sam and cat
cheeseb- urgers
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ddushain sinabi …
ariana i pag-ibig you so much from diondre Posted 7 days ago
ddushain sinabi …
hi Ariana my name is diondre dushain im your boyfriend and I pag-ibig you as my girlfriend Posted 7 days ago
happywiththe30 sinabi …
I'm her biggest tagahanga of keeping her around the house. I used to try my hardest to hallucinate her as a Barbie Doll size figure of herself. I'd see her all the time too. I wonder if she ever saw me, ya know? She's so damn hot and i want to petsa her. Well princess hopefully I'll get your number soon. Once you get to know me you'll give me at least your email address or AOL IM screen name ;-) Posted 1 month ago