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cruella sinabi …
Ugh! I just had the most awkward conversation with my grandmother, I think I've ever had with anyone. Apparently she's decided that I need to get a husband so I can give her great-grandkids. (and that's not even the awkward part) When I tried to explain to her why I'm not interested in marrying anyone because I'm asexual and aromatic, she tells me I need to see a doctor because of my "unhealthy lack of sex drive"! Posted 12 hours ago
disnerdtobe nagkomento…
Wow usually it's the mom wanting grandkids. Now it's a grandma wanting great grandkids? Wow she certainly has high demands. 12 hours ago
wavesurf nagkomento…
Hi, Cruella! I'm sorry your grandmother is off-loading on you... But remember... 1. Nothing is wrong with your own sexuality. 2. You are not obligated to fufill the invasive "demands" of someone else, especially if they interfere with your own sanity. 3 hours ago
Starfox2000 nagkomento…
If you don't want to marry but you want kids, adoption can work maybe? 1 hour ago
uploaded900 sinabi …
Not to be that person calling for attention, but this new pagtitip. on the CAMH club I made almost a buwan nakaraan has no responses. It's a fun idea and the rules are simple. Please check it out.

link Posted 14 hours ago
uploaded900 nagkomento…
Lmao I pag-ibig how I got a like, but no actual reply 1 hour ago
KataraLover sinabi …
A few days nakaraan I saw the Power Rangers movie and I absolutely loved it! I loved the racial diversity, that a big budget superhero movie had a superhero with autism (the blue ranger) and another one that is a lesbian (the yellow ranger), the pagganap was great (Particularly Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa), the costumes were awesome, the action was intense, the five main characters are both well-developed with their own arcs and have a STRONG chemistry *continues to type in comments* Posted 1 day ago
KataraLover nagkomento…
The story was well-paced and very flowing in a way you can understand, is magpabago the Power Rangers in a way that makes it madami serious but also has its campiness and the balance is kept perfectly, and the characters are so likable! So what's wrong with it? Well, there are two problems and unfortunately one of them is a BIG problem. First of all, with the less important problem, Krispy Cream plays too much of a plot element in this movie. Talk about product placement! The other problem that is a pretty BIG problem is that they don't get into their bumagay until the last third. I mean, the movie is great even before than but it's like if Batman didn't put his suit on until the last third of a movie. Plus it's called the POWER RANGERS! But there are gonna be sequels, so we'll likely see madami of them in their bumagay later on. So check out the movie and judge for yourself. 1 day ago