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 Frame which flickers during the "FBI" to "ELE" warning transition. Bad Horse and three eggs? Hm, curious...
Frame which flickers during the "FBI" to "ELE" warning transition. Bad Horse and three eggs? Hm, curious...
Greetings! Now that Dr. Horrible is so busy with the Evil League of Evil, he has ibingiay his assistant (that's me!) the job of answering tanong about the Easter Eggs located on the DVD of his blog. Before we continue on, be warned that this artikulo will contain a different type of SPOILERS! So if you want to figure these eggs out on your own, CONTINUE NO FURTHER! Also, these are not your average hidden features. To access these special horrible-rific hidden features, you will actually have to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts. It seems that the Powers That Be really want you to dig deep to find...
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Dr Horrible sped down 17th avenue and raced around the corner. He cut off some guy in a Honda CRV resulting in some colorful language being shouted out of the windows.
"S-sorry, sorry..." He mumbled quietly as he sped through a yellow light and almost skidded into a telephone pole.
Moist sat in the passenger side with a death grip on the handle mounted to the roof of the small silver car.
"Geez man! Slow down! If we die you won't ever get to see her!" He yelled as he frantically fastened his seatbelt.
Dr Horrible just drove faster towards the St Peters Hospital. Apparently Penny was alive!...
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Dr Horrible stared at Penny. She looked very much alive. She was hooked up to a puso moniter and an IV and she had a copy of Gone With The Wind laying in her lap. She was still smiling at him with the same sweet smile she had before it happened.
Part of Dr Horrible wanted to run out the door and go lock himself in the janitors closet. But the other part of him was about to burst from the happiness he felt right now. "P-penny." He stuttered as he hobbled into her room and shut the door, almost smashing his finger.
He looked different to Penny. He looked as if he had aged about ten years....
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This song fits them so well!!!! :D
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