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jlhfan624 sinabi …
This is an underrated club.
link Posted 18 days ago
CleaverLover85 sinabi …
Does anyone know of any horror flix that feature meat cleaver scenes? I mean any cleaver scene, even if its 5 segundos long. I collect cleavers and films with cleaver scenes, preferrably horror pelikula but not always. I will be so grateful to anyone who ang sumagot to this post Posted 4 months ago
jlhfan624 nagkomento…
Night Train (2009), Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning 4 months ago
CleaverLover85 nagkomento…
thanks so much, night train is the bomb and tcm:tb is my all time paborito horror movie! 4 months ago
CleaverLover85 nagkomento…
uy heather if you wanna text back and forth madami my cell is 7634470316. werent the saw pelikula great!? especially saw 6 where that girl cuts off her arm with that big beautiful cleaver 3 months ago
jlhfan624 sinabi …
I really really really pag-ibig horror movies. Really. A lot. Posted 4 months ago
BJsRealm nagkomento…
^I really like romantic comedies. I mean a lot. 🎬♥💞♥💞 🎥 4 months ago
jlhfan624 nagkomento…
We'll just have to agree to disagree on that 😜 4 months ago