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 "Lisa E getting her sexy on"
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Katie Jacobs "has revealed that a character leaves or dies sa pamamagitan ng season's end." Plus the following:
"House and Cuddy will hook up, but it will be complicated."
"Cameron and Chase will get madami airtime."
"Foreman and Thirteen will continue to get jiggy with each other through the end of the season."
"the end of this season will find a big shake-up at the hospital. 'Something changes and it causes all of our characters to re-examine where they are. Everyone will take stock of where they are,' she says. 'The fall-out from that affects the beginning of susunod season, which will be a bit different before...
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December 31st - A uniting that could only evolve into a separation

"I can't do this anymore." Lucas started out softly. He walked out and into the living room with an unfamiliar book in his hand. He grasped it tightly as he walked in.
"This being," Cuddy asked as she set Rachel on the sopa and off her lap.
"Us," he started, and he suddenly tossed the book onto the table. Cuddy jerked in surprise as she gawked at him.
"Are--are you saying we--where the hell did you get this?"
"I was searching around for old pictures of you. Was going to make an album--you know, get you one gift from me for the...
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I know we've had some shipping wars going on, but since it's Christmas, I'd decided to take this time to put shipping wars aside and listahan my paborito scenes of each ship and ipakita you guys why I think your ship is awesome, or to maybe remind you of why your ship is awesome in case you Nawawala faith along the way. I tried to get as many ships in as possible, but there haven't been scenes between each member of every ship. The ships will be listed in alphabetical order.


Chase: Hi.
Cameron: Its Tuesday.
Chase: Uhh... no, it’s Monday.
Cameron: I know, it's just... I didn't feel like waiting....
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