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posted by Mariathedog
"I'm Shivava you can call me Shiva or shivie don't call me Chiba OK? OK!"

keroro: "well I'm basically a dislike either way we don't get along"

tamama: "that's just a stupid one DID YOU SEE MOVIE 3!?"

Kururu: "kuru-who?"

Giroro: " you me that other gun whealing guy on keroro's platoon? Never got to talk to him face-to-face "

tororo:"WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?!? "


dai keroro:"he's bossy,uptight, and he's a bitch..DON'T TELL HIM I sinabi THAT!!!!!"

"Is that all you want?((yes))Good NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!! "
posted by sgtfroglover997
Lunini: OK so we have my new mga kaibigan that i havent talked to in a long time C:
Bidede: :L....
Raidede: >:3
Lunini: OK, so this is Bidede, my friend, he always get joked around because his name is baddeh c:
Bidede: D:< SHUT UP!
Raidede: Don't make me turn Rainter!
Lunini: Plz no o-o! anyways Raidede is a rainter, i killer species o_o her and bad r married, and they have a kid named Badter
Raidede: *sees Kiroro's truck* >:3....
Lunini: TAKE COV-
Bidede: NAAAAHHH, she's got this
Raidede: RAWR! *scratches truck*
Lunini: Well.... that went well o-O
Kiroro: *coming out of rubble* OHIDER @V@
Bidede: Hi?...
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posted by sgtfroglover997
Narrator: Ok we last landed on Juriri...
Juriri: We're at Pekopon!!!
Dememe: NOOOO!!!!
Firara: *gets Her MP45 Ready*
Heldada: Their's no turning back guys....
Terere: I Have succsesfully Hacked All of Pekopon!
Heldada: Good!
Dememe: D: I don't wannaaaaa *crying*
Heldada: Dememe, It's time to man up!
Dememe: But tamama nitohay is WAY stronger then me!
Firara: So is giroro for me, But we still have our Other sides....
Terere: So I go To Kururu?
Heldada: We Have our own ways..... Do what you want! Just attack!
Dememe: So I can leave?
Heldada: NO! YOU WILL ATTACK!!!!!
Others: O.O
Heldada: -_- Just go attack
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posted by sgtfroglover997
Narrator: After 2 months of training, the Heldada platoon is ready to charge!
Heldada: Are you all sure we can destroy the A.R.M.P.I.T. platoon?
*everyone nods*
Heldada: Alright!
Dememe: *raises hand*
Heldada: what..?
Dememe: Can I-
Everyone: NO!
Dememe: dangie....
Heldada: Terere! Start up your computers!
Terere: On it!
Heldada: Firara! Start preparing your attack!
Firara: Ok!
Heldada: Juriri! Hurry up!
Juriri: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, ever since Dememe spilled his slushie on the controls it's been going slow-
Heldada: You had a PARTY?!?!?!?!
Juriri: It was Terere's idea!
Terere: IT WAS NOT!
*uncontrolibal fighting*...
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posted by sgtfroglover997
Narrator: :/ I can't belive Lunini did that to me, oh WHY DOESNT ANYONE TELL ME ITS RECORDING?! Ugh, just continue...
Heldada: Keroro, don't you EVER train?
Keroro: o.o.... mayyyybe.
Heldada: KNOCK IT OFF!
Dememe: D: im sorry I just-
Dememe: *girly scream*
Firara: :/ your not tough, your bullets keep missing ._.
Giroro: SHUT UP!
Firara: So hows your girlfriend?
Giroro: O.O *blush*
Firara: OPEN! *shoots Giroro in stomach*
Giroro: NANI.... *falls*
Firara: One down, I wonder how everyone else is...
Juriri: Did you stop training?
Dororo: No, I trained...
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Narrator: Still, I told you Firara was crazy- Oh it's filming.... Well continue!
Keroro: O.O KEROOOO!
Heldada: Stop freaking out Keroro! No wonder this planet is'nt gone!
Keroro: Kero?
Heldada: Not only you killed my little brother, but HQ told me to finish you, or you have to invade seriously, but that won't happen, because you and your platoon are FAILS....
Keroro: Kero! We are not Fails!

Tamama: What do you mean battle?
Dememe: Well, my platoon leader sent me to battle you- aw just lets get it over with D:
Tamama: TAMAMA.....
Dememe: O_O *splashes paint in his eyes*
Tamama: OWWW
Dememe: Are you ok...
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posted by sgtfroglover997
Lunini:lol hai and welcome back :3
Katete: VEIW MEH!
Lunini: <.<
Katete: :< I sinabi VIEW-
*chucks a ball of yarn at him*
Lunini: So we r interviewing katete, my firend c:
katete: MEw....
Lunini: He is a katioan a keronian, but a kat... RUN ITS KIROROS TRUCK!!!
Katete: who c:?
*truck comes out of nowhere running over katete's yarn*
Lunini: OH SHI *takes cover as katete blows up the truck* o_o....]
sowwy it's not very long c: IM BOREDZ.
Katete: Katfight102
Lunini: Dbzkururu997
Kiroro: Violettulip23
posted by sgtfroglover997
Heldada: ok we are focused right?
terere: :>
dememe: ;-;
Firara: *mummering on cellphone*
Juriri: Uh...
Heldada: FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!
*everyone stops*
Narrator: we might as well ipakita you what their personalitys: Heldada, a serious invasion leader (unlike his platoon) OW WHO THREW THAT?! anyways, Firara: a blabber mouth who always wants to get heldada's puso *yelling noices in backround* then Juriri: a assassin like dororo heicho, but madami faster and skilled even though he is littler then dororo, then dememe: the crybaby of the platoon, he can be useful in battle though, then last but not least terere:...
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 I drew this
I drew this
Heldada: ok the a.r.m.p.i.t platoon is almost defenseless!
Dememe: *raises hand* question!
Heldada: -.- .... what....?
Dememe: can i come?
Heldada: *facepalm* yes....
Dememe: YAY!
Terere: Te Te Te Te Te Te....
Dememe: *crying*
Terere: o.o .....
Firara: :o.....
Heldada: o.O?
*juriri comes in*
Juriri: what did I- *sees Dememe crying* AGAIN?!
Firara: -.- ... *cell phone rings*
Heldada: DONT.... YOU...DARE...!
Terere: :3 *grabs Firara's phone*
Firara: HEY!
Dememe: *still crying*
Heldada: *double facepalm* Cant.... we do.... ONE....JUST ONE...meeting...WITH...
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posted by sgtfroglover997
 vio in a strange game... XD
vio in a strange game... XD
Lunini: Herro <3!
Gitata: :> supz
Kiroro: HAI :D!
Everyone: weeelcome 2 Interview wit Lunini <3!!!
Lunini: Today we haz my friends, Gitata, A former me, buuut slight meaner...IN A GOOD WAY >:D!
Gitata: Guud >:3
Lunini: yungib we haz Kiroro, Keroro's Cyborg Sister C:
Kiroro: OLLO!!!
Lunini: all of us can be serious at times,
Lunini: But, we get funny most of the time c:
Kiroro: about 95% is funny the other 4% is serious then 1% is just unkown o-o
Lunini: we made this joke c:
Gitata: Their was two boys named Timmy and Tom,
Lunini: They were GREAT friends!...
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