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Guide by deedragongirl posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Read it?
I was pagbaba Charles Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities and I notice that it reminds me of Les Miserables in a way, ready to read my observation?

A Tale of Two Cities

Since they're set in France, many of the characters reminds me of their Les Miserables counterparts! Like Doctor Manette reminds me of Jean Valjean, due to the fact that they were prisoners. Unlike the latter, Doctor Manette suffers from a relapse throughout the story which prompted Mr Lorry to destroy the shoe making bench.
The Defarge reminds me of the Thenadiers, unlike the latter, the Defarge are not corrupted. Madame Defarge is a combination of Javert and Madame Thenadier due to the fact that she's a vengeful character who is misled that cause her to die.
Carton also reminds me of both Eponine and Valjean because they sacrifice themselves for their loved ones, especially when Carton rescues Darnay from prison and from being executed.
Ironically, it was also make into a musical, but it is underrated sadly.
Review by deedragongirl posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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I love the Dream Cast.
Hi guys, I had seen the 10th anniversary and bits of the 25th anniversary on Youtube. So here is my thoughts on both show!

10th Anniversary Concert

When I first borrowed the DVD from a friend, my first impression was that it was a spectacular moment that you really want to watch it live!
The cast were amazing, and I was also surprise that Frances Ruffelle was never ask to reprise her role as Eponine, despite the fact that Lea Salonga was also very good!
Surprisingly, Madame Thenadier's part in kastilyo on a ulap was shortened. So was Turning, I have always wonder why though?
Finally, I pag-ibig how all of the international Valjean from every international production all came out to perform Do You Hear the People Sing in their native language, ending with One araw madami with the dream cast.

25th Anniversary Concert

While the cast are amazing, I wasn't very happy with Nick Jonas as Marius. He was not very convincing for the role, especially his voice. I bet many of his fans will kill me!
Review by deedragongirl posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Hello Cossette!
Hi everyone, I managed to watch the musical in Singapore at the beautiful Esplanade Theatre at the Bay. I was really blown away sa pamamagitan ng the famous songs, costume and settings despite that the last 2 were completely different from the original settings.

The Settings

Although the settings were completely different from the original settings as I had seen on Youtube, I was really happy that they are trying to make it realistic towards the original Victor Hugo's timeless novel.
The background was really amazing and especially during the Sewers where they use a special projector where Valjean was carrying the injured Marius, the background was moving to make it realistic!

The Costume

The majority of the costume are different, with the exception of both Enjolras' and Valjean's outfit during the barricade scene. Cossette's and Marius' costumes were a huge different, but on the other hand I was very happy with Cossette's costume because if they kept with her original outfit, the musical will be very dark and gloomy.
Opinion by deedragongirl posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Cossette and Valjean.
Okay, I basically know that these 2 songs were written specially for the movie. So here are my reasons on why Suddenly and it's reprise should be included in the stage version or not.

It should be in the Stage Version

As some of us (including myself) had seen the stage and watched the movie, I personally think that the song really should be in the stage version, because it shows that it's Valjean's moment and he's telling us that is going to be a father for the first time and telling us that he will try his best despite it was not the right time to tell Cossette about his past. I also personally think that after Valjean reclaims Cossette from the Thenadiers, it was very rushed, especially the relationship between Cossette and Valjean.
It's reprise is another moment for the story, only this time it's from Cossette's point of view as she bemoans that her father is leaving and will not be attending her wedding. Marius comforts her sa pamamagitan ng telling her that they will never be apart after their wedding.
Opinion by WinterSpirit809 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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So I watched the musical Les Miserables, a few months ago, and while I did pag-ibig the movie overall, I noticed there were characters that I absolutely adored, and others I just hated, and some that were just meh.

Keep in mind I have not read the novel, so madala with me!

8. Cosette

I honestly adored her when she was a child, but I hated adult her. She was super boring, a Mary Sue, annoying and an pangkalahatang bad character! For one, her relationship with Marius annoys me and comes out of nowhere. Another thing I dislike about her is that she leaves the Thenaiders, but she just acts like it never happened. I'm sorry, but I just hate her so much!

7. Marius

Okay, I don't necessarily hate him, I do sympathize with him, losing all his friends, but I have issues with his character. Okay, so he wanted to be with Cosette, not Eponine. Okay, fine, I understand that, even if I preferred Eponine with him. My issue is, did he really have to try to make Eponine help get them together? I mean, he knew how her father would...
Guide by lunalove_ml posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Les Misérables. The book written sa pamamagitan ng Victor Hugo. One of the longest-running musicals, written sa pamamagitan ng Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg. The pelikula based off the musical. This tragic story will have you at the edge of your seat, but, please, get the story correctly.

Many people are to believe that this story takes place during the French Revolution. This, however, is incorrect. The French Revolution began in 1789 with the storming in Bastille, while most of Les Misérables takes place in 1832. Two different centuries.
In the morning of June 5, 1832, workers, students, and others gathered in the streets of Paris. The death of General Jean Maximilien Lamarque, who was a friend to the poor and downtrodden, was the trigger of the events that occurred that night.

Victor Hugo-who was at the age of 30-was sitting nearby Pagsulat a play. It was then when he heard a gunfire coming from Les Halles (Paris’ central fresh pagkain market). Hugo-instead of heading back home-followed the sound of the gunshots. According to Wikipedia, Hugo headed north up the Rue Montmartre, then turned right onto the Passage du Saumon, finally turning...
Article by HelenaTrix posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Sola Yo

De nuevo sola por la calle, voy vagando sin un rumbo. Sin ver ni
un rostro conocido, ni una casa, ni un amigo.
Llegó la oscuridad...quiero creer qué él está aquí.
A veces ando sola en la noche, mientras todos duermen. Pienso en él, felíz me siento, él me llena el pensamiento.
Descansa la ciudad...y yo empiezo a vivir.

Sola yo, pretendo qué le llevo en mi.
Y con él, camino hasta el halba.
Aún sin él sus brazos me rodeán. Si siento qué me pierdo, él me muestra el camino.
Al llover las calles són de plata. Y la luz es bruma sobre el rio.
En la noche la luna ílumina, tu rostro con el mio para estar unidos siempre.
Y lo sé, es mi imaginación! Qué conmigo estoy hablando y no con él. Y aunqué sé qué nunca me amará...aún así le olvidaré!
Le quiero, y al acabar la noche. Él se va, el rio es solo un rio. Sin él mi mundo es como siempre: Los árboles sin hojas y yo solo entre la gente!
Le quiero, mas aprendo cada día. Mi vida es ilución perdida!
Opinion by GeneralStorm posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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I'm sure mostof you have noticed that far madami popular than the Cosette/Marius ship is the Éponine/Marius ship. I don't mind the ship, but I often find people asking why Marius was so blind to Éponine's love, never considered her and chose Cosette over her. Here are a few reasons:

1. First off, you have to know that the musical isn't completely honest with the character of Éponine, nor the relationship she shares with Marius. The musical had to make several altercations to the characters, including breaking the relation between the Thérnardiers and Gavriche (he is their son), and discarding the character of Azelma (Éponine's little sister) completely. For the musical, Éponine's character was altered. In the book, Éponine is most definitely not a beauty, missing a few teeth, bags under her eyes and is a regular drinker, understandable traits for her character as she has been pushed into poverty. One key trait not made present in the musical (though added and portrayed beautifully sa pamamagitan ng Celia Keenan Bolger) is that Éponine is slightly insane, disregarded sa pamamagitan ng her parents and watching her childhood rival become everything she wanted to be. The musical cuts out some of...
Opinion by lhotp1 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Les Mis is, per the motto, the longest-running musical in Broadway history. For such a phenomenon to occur, there have to be at least 2 demographics: the mga manliligaw and the haters. Making a film adaptation of such a musical, you are met with equal reactions. The lovers, waiting in anticipation, and the haters, groaning about how far society has blown up a travesty. Since I'm neither, never before having seen the ipakita or read the book, I went to the film with an open mind- expecting to see a good movie with music I knew. And that's what I got. There are many advantages to film. One is able to much madami evocatively see what is going on than they would in the theater. There's no intermission, which sadly means no bathroom break- )if you must go, get RunPee on your smartphone, They're the professionals) In film, the historical background is summarized periodically sa pamamagitan ng just a sentence or two onscreen. It is my contention that theater actors, film actors, and even the gifted few who tumawid the line between the two, though they are trained differently, when trained well, they are no less skilled. So the pagganap is good. Now we come to the deal-breaker for most super fans: the singers. They...
Review by Kelias posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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What do we pag-ibig Les Mis for? Well – you'll say – where should we start? The story, the characters, the music, the great performances... And, last, but not least: the lyrics.
I pag-ibig the lyrics of Les Miserables and think they express much in a very simple way. I will focus on 10 texts which I've chosen and I will write what makes them so deep and worth of our attention. It's going to be a kind of litterary analysis, but not taken too strictly. The order of the songs will be like in the musical (well, this time is the exception). So, we will start with...

Valjean's soliloquy (What have I done) and Javert's suicide

Before I begin I should explain that in this case I don't see the point in analysing two texts separately. The power is in comparison. So let's compare.
In the starting point we meet two men, who faced something they cannot comprehend. Both of them didn't belive in forgiveness, moreover they didn't want it. However they were forgiven, and it has saved their lives in very literal way. They are completely lost. Hence they start to ask questions; a lot of tanong appears in both soliloquies.
Fan fiction by elizasmomma posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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i saw the mapait heart-break
that she had to take from
leaving her only child to
try to make a life for her
as best as she could,

i thought when i heard
her song of desperation
it would change the way
that i felt about her
sorrow and the pain that
she had to endure on her

As she dreamed a dream
that she thought would
come true, as she sang
about those dreams that
she wanted so much to
come true, my heart-
broke as she spoke about
the things that would never be.

Her voice showed that there
was some-thing missing her
life that she wanted so much
to be free from the pain that
held her captive for as
long as she was unable to
break free,

I heard Fantine's dream and
i knew that in my puso she
would never see those dreams
that she had fullfilled inside
Fan fiction by Alchemistlover posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
fan of it?
I thought it would be such a cute idea to ipakita how Eponine and Marius met so here it is Disclaimer: I own nothing. It's based off of the musical NOT the novel.

"PONNIIIINNNEEEEE" Madame Thernadier shouted waking her 15 taon old daughter up from her sleep. Eponine rubbed her tired eyes and put a dirty, itchy alampay on giving a huge yawn. Running downstairs and almost running into a man pagbaba his morning paper staying at the Inn walking up to his room ."Damn it girl what the hell is your hurry?" "Sorry sir it won't happen again" . She new that a clobbering was in order if she "disturbed" a guest but an even bigger one was in store if she didn't ilipat it. Her mother was as loud as a roaring lion when she was in one of her moods ( which was quite often) and almost as violent. Madame Thernadier was cleaning up breakfast dishes and stopped when Eponine entered the room . "Well your finally up missy. Come on we have to go into town today get proper clothe's on and look sharp about it!". Running back to her room Eponine put her boy sando and pants on her placed her paborito piece of clothing: her baggy brown hat on her head. The streets were even rougher then usual today,...
News by missliss posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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okay there are people saying that his mistress was a girl named patricia well actually the story says "Enjolras claims that his mother is the republic and his mistress is Patria (motherland)" that mean his homeland so it means he's devoted to his country and the republic and others thought Grantaire liked him where the story says that Grantaire Admired Enjolras nd he looked up to him cause he was a good leader and When the army eventually arrived, Grantaire requested to be executed alongside Enjolras