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Opinion by Coffeeuser posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
fan of it?
Beauty and talent don't always go hand and hand, but Natalie Wood was a perfect example of both. When I last made my listahan of "Most Beautiful Women That Ever Lived" I put Natalie at like number six or something...Boy, was I stupid! I've been watching some of her pelikula lately and I couldn't get over what a knock-out she was. She is definitely number one! She had such beautiful dark hair, big doe eyes, pretty lips, an adorable nose, a heavenly complexion, and a perfect body. I've been having her in my dreams lately...I've got a huge crush on her! The other night, I was dreaming about her and I woke up with an orgasm (no disrespect intended). Even during the last years of her life, she was still the best-looking gal around. Not only was she a goddess, but she was every inch a star. I think she is perfect example of what a movie bituin should be. She's just fantastic! She seemed like a nice lady too. She's not even my most paborito celebrity but she is one of them.

It really depresses me how she died. I'm furious at Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken because I believe they murdered her. Those creeps should be in jail. Why oh why do beautiful women have such terrible taste...