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Hidden Leaf Village morning, when the sun is shining up and good. Naruto and the others go off to a mission which leaves off to team Guy, in the leaf village. Lee and Guy sensei had to do something else for Lady Tsuande which was to go to the Hidden ulap Village and take order to take the princess attention and steal the scroll that the princess took from Tsuande, it's not easy and simple as it sounds. Sooo...

"Neji,there's like nothing else to do. I bet we could train or do some targets or...I dunno something that will keep us up." sinabi Tenten

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Guy Sensei- Great job everyone!
Tenten- Guy Sensei, we've train for 6 hours staright, don't you think we should take a break?

Neji- huf,huf,huf. Not to mention we should.
Lee- Noo!! I don't wanna! Training will be my destiny!

Guy- Someone has the power of Youth! Ah-ha-ha-ha!!

Tenten- * whack*
Neji- * pow*

Lee- Unh.
Guy- Ouch.

Tenten- Your pointless. A shinobi needs some rest too!! I'm gonna take me a break! So,see ya!

Neji- ....She's right.

Tenten- I'm going to the Hot springs. Neji, you can go too.

Neji- I might as well.

Tenten- alright. See ya!

* puff* ( used somke bomb)

Tenten- Ah. Hidden Leaf...
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