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"princess tenten, get ready we are going to the city!" yelled princess tenten mom. tenten was a princess of konoha. she was always nice and royal just like a real princess, which she is. she got packed up and headed down the hall of their castle. on the other side of the other tenten she was a down town girl. she was playable and always making conversation with everybody. the best part about the regular tenten is that she is like the most best girl in school. I know I hadn't sinabi much about princess tenten because being a princess is hard work and a boring life. but being a down town girl is...
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Nejixtenten=love part 5

Tenten's pov

When I woke up Neji was gone. I sighed and closed my eyes. A whole buwan away from my Neji. This is gonna be a looooooong month. I stayed in kama for a couple madami hours. Something I never do. I was starting to feel depressed already.
"Tennie the phone!" Temari yelled waking me.
"Who is it?!" I yelled groggy.
"The wicked witch of the west."
I chuckled then picked up the phone. "Hey Ino."
"I'ma kill her! I heard that she was with Shika the other day. She probably forced him to go on a petsa with her! I swear I hate that bit-"
"Ino watch your mouth," I cut her off.
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Nejixtenten=love part 3

Tenten's pov

Take a deep breath Tenten. Its only Neji. I mean he is hot but that doesn't matter. He's your team mate. He doesn't even like you. You know wat. Your right he doesn't. He's never even sinabi 3 words to you. Okay I get it. I mean your not even there to him. I sinabi I get it! I screamed to myself. Alright alright. Don't be so pushy. I was starting to feel like Sakura. Talking to myself.
"Lets go Ino pig. Your holding us up!" Sakura snapped getting frustrated.
"Wait FOREHEAD! I'm coming."
"Lets leave her Tenten," she grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs.
"Uh. Hey....
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Guy Sensei- Great job everyone!
Tenten- Guy Sensei, we've train for 6 hours staright, don't you think we should take a break?

Neji- huf,huf,huf. Not to mention we should.
Lee- Noo!! I don't wanna! Training will be my destiny!

Guy- Someone has the power of Youth! Ah-ha-ha-ha!!

Tenten- * whack*
Neji- * pow*

Lee- Unh.
Guy- Ouch.

Tenten- Your pointless. A shinobi needs some rest too!! I'm gonna take me a break! So,see ya!

Neji- ....She's right.

Tenten- I'm going to the Hot springs. Neji, you can go too.

Neji- I might as well.

Tenten- alright. See ya!

* puff* ( used somke bomb)

Tenten- Ah. Hidden Leaf...
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