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posted by boomerlover
"I would pag-ibig to!" Professor said.

"Alright then- wait! Where will he sleep?" Brick asked.

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that Blossom sinabi as Blake fell onto her tail and curled up in a ball and fell asleep.

"I know what we can do!" Brick said. "We can make a den! It's easy!"

"How?" Professor asked.

"Come'er." Brick sinabi walking to the bushes. About ten minutos later, a perfect yungib was made.

"Good night, Professor." Blossom sinabi picking Blake up. Brick picked up Blazey and headed inside with Blossom.

"Well, at least I'm reunited with them."Professor sinabi walking into his new den.

The susunod morning, Buttercup...
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posted by boomerlover
 Uh oh, he's a puppy!
Uh oh, he's a puppy!
"Ah! Another sunny araw in Townsville! Of course, you can usually find the Rowdyruff Boys reaking havoc, but today there simply hanging out a home." The narrator says.

The scene changes to the RRBS at their hide out.

"I wanna do something!" Boomer yelled at Brick.

"Then go find something to do!!" Brick yelled back.

"Fine!" Boomer sinabi flying out the square bedroom window.

At Mojo's lair, Mojo is working on the anubiss dog head once more.

"Those despicible Rowdyruff Boys! I'll turn them into worthless mutts! They betrayed me! I will zap them with this anubiss dog head which will turn them into dogs...
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posted by boomerlover
Later, Blake was getting really tired of his sister's pitiful coughing and mewling. He couldn't sleep with all her gagging. He gave her a nudge.

"Huh- *cough cough cough*" She mewed in a hoarse voice.

"Stop coughing! It's annoying!" Blake hissed.

"I *cough cough* can't!" Blazey coughed.

"I'm getting out of here where you can't annoy me!" Blake hissed in a whisper.

"I can't help it! *cough cough*" She hissed.

"Oh, sa pamamagitan ng the way, you smell like crow-food." Blake sinabi walking out of the den.

Blazey fell asleep once more. Blossom awoke to Blazey's coughing and heavy breathing.

"You okay, sweety?" Blossom...
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posted by lillymango1
 brat tell her how you feel
brat tell her how you feel
breserk saw brock she blushd a littel emmmm dayami brok dayami breserk soo you and your bros are the burning bash Pusa sinabi beserk guesss so he said{menewile } brat was with billy hmmm do you have a girl friend sinabi brat no he sinabi oh ok she sinabi cheerfully {meanwile again} dayami sinabi brute to bryen dayami littel cat call he sinabi me brute she sinabi {meanwile x2} ehhh so brok your ever alone nope yeah were almost as rowdy ruff boys there ower ildolls so you and your sisters are the..... sinabi brok power punk Pusa cool {just skip to brat already} he dayami brat he blushed ehhh what is it billy she sinabi as she was happy and blushed well this freind of mines likes this girl and he dosent know what to do? well the susunod araw when your friend see her tell his feeling to her oh ok {to brute} so littel cat your ehhh kinda cute like your sisters well yeah i gusses so why she said? cool {to breserk} well your nice see you tommrow sinabi bresrk bye he sinabi
posted by lillymango1
ben where are you sinabi buttens go away some one sinabi it was ben come out ben sinabi buttens but i cant you know i like you sinabi ben ofcorce you do were cusins sinabi buttens no he pured im ment pag-ibig oh so you like like me sinabi buttens well yeah but then came bb dayami guys so wacha doin sinabi bb well nothin sinabi thay sinabi well bye iv got a petsa sinabi bb youv got...........a petsa yes i am pritty am i yes no jugement in that well bye sinabi the mga kuting bb is now 14 so she could get a petsa just come out i like like you to sinabi buttens really sinabi ben yeah but what shall we do about this cusin thing then...
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posted by yayabeauty
 the rowdyruff girls
the rowdyruff girls
one araw the rowdyruff boys was playing tag with the powerpuff girls when 3 figures came and crash the place one was wearing a hat with her light kulay-rosas eyes and red outfit the segundo one was wearing dark blue her blue eyes was meeting with everyones she had curves like Boomer when he first appear and had Bubbles ponys the last one had everything of Buttercup she had light green eyes dark green outfit and her bangs with curves they sinabi the names Red i'm Nicki and what up its Beyonce were the rowdyruff girls
 nicki as a older girl
nicki as a older girl
posted by lillymango1
brick knocked dextor out for killing his girlfriend dede saw bes she was ok but a voice came hi sinabi a littel voice whos there sinabi brick its me blossem blossem your alive sinabi brick no sinabi blossem i am not you just imageing me but you were my pag-ibig tell buttercup i am going awaysaid blossem okay sinabi brick a girl came that the owner of bradon came hello brick she sinabi whos there he sinabi its me kampanilya and bradon she sinabi hello sinabi birck what happend she sinabi blossems gone brick sinabi meanwile dede came and took bes tahanan to ppgs tahanan kampanilya was blossems and bricks best pal ever when bubbels came...
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posted by boomerlover
Brick came running out of his and Blossom's yungib with a big smile on his face.

"Why so happy Brick?" Boomer asked.

"B-Bloss-Blossom..." Brick could hardly catch his breath.

"Breathe dude, breathe!" Boomer said.

Brick took a deep breath.

"My kits are here!!" Brick shouted.

"Really? How many?" Boomer asked.

"Two! A boy and a girl! The one with brown balahibo and kahel eyes is the boy, and the one with kahel balahibo and red eyes, like me, is a girl! You wanna see em'?" Brick asked proudly.

"Sure!" Boomer said.

"You have to be very quiet and calm. They're not even an oras old yet." Brick sinabi leading Boomer into...
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posted by boomerlover
Bubbles then woke up sa pamamagitan ng the pond.It was still dark out. She felt so sick, she had fallen asleep for an hour. She felt like she couldn't get up. She didn't feel well at all.

Boomer woke up and sensed something wrong with Bubbles. He looked around for her. He poked his head out of the drape of the den. He saw Bubbles lying sa pamamagitan ng the pond. He got really worried. He rushed towards her.

"Bubbles! Bubbles, please tell me your okay!" Boomer cried.

"Boomer, sweety stop worrying. I'm fine. I'm just a little sick, that's all." Bubbles sinabi in a calming voice. She gave Boomers head a lick, and then slowly tried...
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posted by boomerlover
In Buttercup's and Butch's den, (yes the finally found pag-ibig for each other!:D) Buttercup awoke because she could sense sadness all around her.

'Why is everyone so sad?' She asked herself in thought.

She walked out of the den, and saw nothing but woods and darkness. The sadness was coming from Boomers den. She walked over to it, and looked inside. Boomer was sleeping. But she didn't notice the mga kuting because they were laying on Boomers other side. She shrugged and walked back to her and Butch's den. Butch noticed her walk back into the den.

"Buttercup, you okay?" He asked with his eyes half open...
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posted by boomerlover
Blake and Snowbell were walking back, when someone bumped into him.

"Blake! Please don't leave!! I loved you!!" She cried.

"I'm sorry, Littlecloud. I've found a new pag-ibig now." Blake said.

"Yeah! Me!" Snowbell hissed at Littlecloud.

Before thinking, Littlecloud pounced on Snowbell and bite her neck.

"What the...?!" Snowbell hissed in pain.

"That'll teach you to mess with MY Blake!" Littlecloud hissed.

"Your Blake?! I'm not yours! I'm my own! And Snowbell is with me!" Blake sinabi swatting Littlecloud across the nose.

All of a sudden, they heard hisses and screaming at the camp. They heard yowling and...
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posted by boomerlover
StarClan: Clan of all the passed away cats, otherwise, the Clan of all the dead cats.

Brick was stunned. He couldn't move. He now felt Boomer's pain. He closed his eyes in pain. He felt like there was a huge boulder in his stomach.

"She..." Blake started, but didn't continue.

Ashley came trotting up with a frown on her face.

"I'm afraid there's no cure...I'm sorry. I wish I could do something." She sinabi in a soft voice.

"It's okay. You tried your best." Blossom cried.

Ashley walked over to her mate, Ian. Blossom could here them talking.

"I new leaf-bare would bring blackcough. I just wish there was...
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posted by Bella-Utonium
"oh no run" bommer yelled. "go" bubbles pick up bella "wat is it" the kit ask "its a mean cat run" boomer sinabi running for a tree. "up here" "its coming" bella yelled. the cat jump up the puno and grab bella. "mom help me" she cried "im coming bella" boomer yell he bite the cat but it hiss and bring bella away. "we have to save her" bubbles wail "no use" boomer creid with tears "hes going to kill her" "no" bubbles cried she sat down. "no i knew we should never left" "it okay bubbles at least we still have bryce" another kit came out "who are you" he ask bubbles. "your mother" she mew "why you crying" bryce ask "a cat took your sister away" "i have a sister" bryce ask "yes" bubbles meow "but she gone"

to be contiueide
 oh no
oh no
posted by Bella-Utonium
it was a dark night and bubbles was sitting in a kama with her house folk. her mate and one of her kits were wild while her and the other kit stayed with people. "dinner time" one of the persons called. "mmm tuna" the kit bella said. "i pag-ibig tuna" "ive had it to many times" bubbles sinabi looking at the tuna. bella ate it while her mom pushed it away. "you can have mine" she sinabi and went back to sleep. the susunod morning bubbles woke up and went outside. the birds were sitting on the fence tweeting she tried to catch one but it flew away. "i want to be free" bubbles sinabi sitting in the grass. "bella...
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posted by boomerlover
Brick looked questioningly at his brother. "What? What do you mean?" "You know what I mean," The green one answered, holding Boomer in the air. "We wouldn't have to hear his annoying babbling all the time anymore," Butch pointed out. "Besides, madami room on our bed!"

"True," Brick thought. "But what about when we leave for the day? We can't just take him with us."

"You're right," Butch moaned. The boys floated down to the ground and set their mutt brother on the floor. "For now," Brick sighed. "Let's just take him home."

The boys set Boomer on the couch. Boomer laid down, and yawned. Maybe he would...
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posted by boomerlover
"Blake! Blake it is you!" A voice called. It was Littlecloud.

"Littlecloud?" Blake asked hopping to his paws.

"Who's this?!" Littlecloud asked looking at Snowbell and her collar.

"Littlecloud, before you get all fussed up about Blake's girlfriend, look at this!" Blazey hissed with a smile dropping Blake's collar.

"So...that's where you've been?" Littlecloud asked a little shocked.

"Yes. I was on the Thunderpath when a monster hit me." Blake meowed. "Then I was rescued sa pamamagitan ng twolegs. I didn't want to be, but if they hadn't I'd be dead."

"Wow. Pitiful." Blazey scowled.

He could here a voice teasing. "Kittypet!...
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posted by boomerlover
When Blake got into the woods, he felt like a small little kitten again. He was madami or less like a preteen now. He sniffed the ground to try to find the way home. Familiar scents ran through him. He felt something bump into him.

"Blake!" It was Snowbell.

"Snowbell!" Blake gave a happy mew. "I thought you were staying with our housefolk!"

"I missed you." Snowbell sinabi touching her nose to his.

"I missed you too." Blake purred. "Come on, I know the way."

They ran back to camp. Blake hadn't been there in months. He walked in, happy to be home. It was night. He could smell his family. He ran into...
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posted by boomerlover
Blossom was devastated. One of her kits was in the middle of life and death, and the other was gone. Brick went up to her.

"Blossom, we still haven't told Blazey she has blackcough." He said.

"But Brick I don't wanna scare her!" Blossom cried.

"Were gonna have to tell her sooner or later." Brick purred trying to comfort her. "Look at her. Loosing her life away while she's sleeping."

"You mean she's dying right now?!" Blossom cried even harder.

"No, I mean she's very sick." Brick said.

Meanwhile, it was Blake's segundo araw at the twoleg house. He decided to go and explore to find a way out. He bumped...
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posted by boomerlover
Bryce looked up at the sky as the sun started to set into dusk. Littlecloud noticed how depressed he was a sinabi good bye. She ran over to Morningflower who was making a den.

"Mommy, my new friend has Nawawala his mother and sibling." Little mewed with her head hanging low.

"Poor little guy..." Morningflower sinabi giving Littlecloud a lick. "Leaf bare is almost here, sweety."

"What's, 'Leaf bare'?" Littlecloud asked.

"Winter," Morningflower purred. "It'll be cold and snow will come. This will be your first Leaf bare."

Littlecloud looked over at Bryce. The fear in his eyes told Littlecloud that he was...
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posted by boomerlover
Boomer was puso broken. He had Nawawala the closest girls to his heart. He could never pag-ibig again. He got up and ran out of his yungib and into the woods.

Hours later Bryce was looking for him.

"Daddy!!" He called. But no respond.

It had been 2 days since Boomer had gone missing.

"I'm going to look for him," Brick said. "Butch. Come with me."

The two Pusa went into the woods and looked for Boomer. They had found him laying down in a tree.

"Boomer! What are you doing up there?" Brick asked looking up at him.

Boomer turned his back towards Brick. He didn't want to talk.

"Boomer get your *** down here!" Butch...
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