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Chapter 3

After a good oras or so, we finally reached the den.
"Moons, I can finally get some decent sleep. I'll sleep like a madala in winter, owls know I ought to... But, of course, gotta be on my guard lest Skorr ease my pain" Tyrik grumbled, heading back down the trail. "Stay here, they'll only hunt you down should you not".
Despite my deep hatred of The Legion, I felt sympathetic for Tyrik. He seemed different from the other wolves, kind and misunderstood. Could he be a prisoner or war too? In any case, his injuries as well as Roku's and my own, worried me.
"No, you need to rest" In some ways,...
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Before we knew it, three hours had passed and the sun had left us with nothing madami than it's fading golden light seeping through the trees nearby as it sunk below the horizon.
As for us, we had retired from fishing with our bellies full, lazing about on the cool rocks beside the river.
"I wish we could do this every day..." Roku sighed, stretching out and yawning.
I shared in his opinion but in our happiness, we'd neglected our plan and outstayed our visit. We were reminded of that as a howl called out just beyond the treeline, which Tyk recognized as Faren, the old Grey lobo that gave me and...
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"Wake up!"
I awoke to Tyrik barking in my face. Whilst this isn't the wake up call I'd usually receive, clearly something was wrong, very wrong...
"Wake up Cruisader! We've got company". Tyrik growled, planting his paws firmly as a lobo entered the den.
To our surprise, it was a small grey pup, barely old enough to eat solids and certainly not old enough to be out of it's den. Yet here it was. Were we in his home? Or was it's parents somewhere nearby? Either way, I had no idea how to handle the situation.
"It... It's a pup" Roku approached the pup cautiously, sniffing all the while in hopes it...
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Radioactive sa pamamagitan ng Imagine Dragons. One of my favourites :3
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Chapter 2

With the passing of Rali, we had no other choice than to abandon our hunt for the caribou and look further into the puso of our territory. Though we all knew this would be a fruitless tactic, the River-Bed pack was clearly getting nervous with our daily excursions along the spine of their territory and whilst we grieved over our loss, we understood they were facing the same problems. Nevertheless, their attack is unforgivable but in our current status, retaliation was out of the question. For now, we would sound our loss and resume the hunt.
"Roku, I ask you return to the yungib and rest"...
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Chapter 1

My name is Kyrogue. I am the fourth son from the fifth litter of my mother and father, Sashki and Denver. The Alpha's of The Cruisaders lobo Pack in Bore-Valley Springs.
I'm not what you'd call, the brainy type. Nor am I the greediest or pickiest lobo in our pack but... Well, let's say I'm average.
My father is losing his touch. The last three hunts ended without a single catch, not even a rabbit! So once again, we've had to resort to catching flies and eating berries. But age is getting to him, he can barely keep up with the rest of us on a regular patrol so spends most of his araw sleeping...
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