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buffy1920 sinabi …
I grew up with the Beatles and pag-ibig them to death, George being my favorite. Miss him so much. Posted 12 hours ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
Hi, welcome! George is my favorite, too and John! Miss those two so much. 10 hours ago
ktichenor sinabi …
I really hate it when people who claim to be 'friends' of the Beatles or they so called knew the Beatles and then they start Pagsulat books or telling blatant lies about them particularly about John and George. I mean why would you do that? If you're their friend or whatever why would you hurt them? That's so wrong! And sometimes these people never even knew the Beatles which makes it worse! How tacky! Posted 7 days ago
80smusiclover1 nagkomento…
I know, right?! What they're doing is just outright slander and character assasination. I hate it! 😠 7 days ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
Exactly and it's mean and it's wrong! And those people should be sued! 😠 7 days ago
Lavendergolden nagkomento…
For me everyone has an opinion, even I respect haters' opinion. But if the haters try to offend fans or vice versa its not okay. 6 days ago
Rubyrings sinabi …
I hear that Paul has published a board book. If it's true, that's the first time in a long time I've wanted to read a board book! Posted 7 days ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
Sounds awesome! I want to read it, too! <3 7 days ago
BingoPB nagkomento…
I would gladly read it. 7 days ago
80smusiclover1 nagkomento…
I would, too. 7 days ago
Lavendergolden nagkomento…
That sounds incredible 7 days ago