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john lennon
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80smusiclover1 sinabi …
Don't you just find it very sweet whenever you see mga litrato of the Beatles playing and interacting with children? I certainly do. Posted 1 day ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
I pag-ibig those! They're so cute and sweet! 1 day ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
The Beatles were always so good with kids! I just pag-ibig them! :D 1 day ago
Rubyrings nagkomento…
I know! The Beatles are so sweet in those! I find it's one of the most attractive things they can do! 1 day ago
Rubyrings sinabi …
I saw this tourist guidebook about England that basically implied Liverpool was silly to still focus so much on the Beatles, and only does it because of the tourist money. It sinabi Liverpool was "stuck in the past" and that the Beatles were "long gone". People who think like that don't deserve to say the name Beatles, much less give out information about their tahanan city. Nobody calls my Beatles "long gone"! Posted 2 days ago
BingoPB nagkomento…
Yeah. Why shouldn't Liverpool focus on the Beatles. It's the hometown of the biggest band in the history of everything. People like that just don't know anything about anything, and if you're going to be a tour guide, you should state facts, not opinions. 2 days ago
80smusiclover1 nagkomento…
That's exactly right. Those people are just jealous because it's a fact that the Beatles are still very popular today and for many madami decades to come. Thankfully, I bought a Liverpool guidebook when I visited the London Beatles Store in my last England trip. It has a madami accurate paglalarawan of the city and celebrates the Beatles as its most famous residents. 2 days ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
Amen to that!! 1 day ago
big smile
80smusiclover1 sinabi …
If I had a time machine, I would totally go back to the sixties to witness Beatlemania and meet the Fab Four! Posted 7 days ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
Oh, me too! :D 7 days ago
Rubyrings nagkomento…
Me too - and I might never come back! 6 days ago
80smusiclover1 nagkomento…
That's for sure! 6 days ago