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posted by Mistypaw
The hunted is an RP about the two wolves, Lilas and Stormy (my character). Someone can sign up to be Lilas, my sister. If you want to sign up, please tell me:
What your wolf's name is
What you look like
Your wolf's age
Your rank in the pack (cannot be alpha)
And finally, your wolf's personality
I have an example of my character's sign up:
Name: Stormy
Appearance: Grey-white balahibo with sky blue streaks around her face and neck, and some around her tail and belly. Long hair covers half of her face
Age: about a teenage age for a wolf
Rank: Alpha
Personality: Shadowy with lots of mood swings. Not entirely fearless, but she is usually not afraid. ULTRA LOYAL!!!! Battle-scarred. Youngest in her family
Now, that is what you must do to sign up. Please do!!! And also, if you want to play Stormy's mate, Haze, know that we are not really together in real life!!!