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TheLefteris24 sinabi …
For fans of the Fate Franchise:

link Posted 7 months ago
vegeta007 sinabi …
Dragon Ball Fighters Z is just mmmmm, hell yeah can't wait Posted 9 months ago
EgoMouse sinabi …
It still blows my mind that Fanpop doesn't even have a paborito Videogame section on profiles. No wonder its so hard to find people on Fanpop that even play games. Posted 9 months ago
Windwakerguy430 nagkomento…
Yeah, it seems to be so :P 9 months ago
bouncybunny3 nagkomento…
I've thought that too! I'd pag-ibig to be able to put down my paborito games on my profile. 9 months ago
TheLefteris24 nagkomento…
Same. It would be nice to have a Videogame Section along with the rest. Much easier to find fellow fans in that aspect !!!! 7 months ago