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Chapter 5: Whenever You Call

Jamie was walking down the kalye and she two elderly couples walking sa pamamagitan ng and she was thinking that'll be her and Landon one day. Jamie looked at
something and it reminded her of her mother.

Then time froze.

Jamie looked at her watch and it was '2:09 p.m.'

Then a women with blond hair like Jamie's hair. She was an in glitter black dress. It was Jamie's mother Elizabeth Sullivan.

"Jamie is that you?" asked Elizabeth

"Are you my mom Elizabeth Sullivan?" asked Jamie

"Yes look how big you are, how old are you?" asked Elizabeth

"24" sinabi Jamie

"Well I see who you look like"...
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I was too sick to say anything, please understand and forgive me.

After you've woken up with the whole family beside you, the doctor lets you go and assigns you a personal doctor that will come weekly to your house to check on you. You go back to the house and you lie on the sopa with the whole family near you just watching TV.

Mark: I can't stand this!
Jill: Oh god you scared me Mark!
Tim: Why? What's wrong?
Mark: Jamie is sick right now and we're all just watching TV?
Jamie: Mark it's ok. I just want to live a normal life.
Brad: Yah Mark. What can we do? We can't do anything.
Mark: It just feels...
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Randy: Shawn! Over here.

Shawn sees Randy sitting alone in the cafe. Shawn sits down and says:

Shawn: What did you have to talk about?
Randy: I'm gonna make this short and to the point. *sigh* I'm not leaving her. I can't leave her. She needs me now madami than ever. And it's the same for me. Just cuz you tell me to not be with her, doesn't mean I have to listen to you. I mean honestly, who are you to me? Nothing much.
Shawn: ...
Randy: So I'm sticking with Jamie and I won't give her up, especially to you. She is mine. So stay back from her.

Randy stands up and leaves the cafe, leaving Shawn pissed...
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I'll Always Remember
It Was Late Afternoon
It Lasted Forever
And Ended Too Soon

It was late when I left school. The campus was quiet as I went down the stairs and walked through the long corridors. It was one of the few moments in one's life that there were no feelings in me. Nothing.

And then it came to my classroom.

The moment I saw him standing there sa pamamagitan ng the window, I could not move.

You Were All sa pamamagitan ng Yourself
Staring Up At A Dark Gray Sky

He was facing the window, his back towards me. Just a regular guy who happened to be in my class.

Somehow I could not move.

There was something about him that kept...
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Chapter 8: Working it out

"Does everyone know what time it is?" asked Heidi in excitement

"Tool time!"

That's right here is Tim the Tool man Taylor"

"Thanks Heidi, I am Tim the Tool Man Taylor and here is Al between the state line Boriland"

"ha ha very funny Tim"

"Today we will be working on is fixing tahanan applicator" sinabi Tim

"Today we'll be fixing a coffee maker"

"Alright fixed it Al"

"You did?"

"Yes I added madami power, come on Al turn it on"

"I don't think so Tim"

"Fine I'll do it"

Tim turns on the coffee maker and very thing was normal until the coffee marker was spiting on coffee bean. The audicene...
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Chapter 6: Six months later

Today was the araw that Tim had finished the apartment for Randy and Jamie. Jamie was at her sixth buwan of her pregnancy. Brad went back to his college. Jill and Jamie were watching tool time. When Randy came in the house.

"Hey baby" sinabi Randy

"Hey" sinabi Jamie. Jamie was ready to stand up.

"No, sit there I'll came to you"

Randy walked over to the sopa to halik Jamie and Jill was looking for Tim.

"Randy have you seen your father?" asked Jill

"He called me on my cell phone telling me come to the apartment"

"He didn't" sinabi Jill and Jamie

"Tell me he didn't touch your apartment?"...
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Chapter 4: Meeting the Sullivans

Jill was making waffles and pancakes, Randy wanted to make plans to talk to Jamie's family.

"Randy?, what are you doing?" asked Jill

"I'm making plans with Jamie's family, I want you to meet them"

"Honey I'll pag-ibig to meet them but I don't think, they don't want to meet us"

"I can see why" Randy sinabi looking at the waffles and the pancakes shirk. Brad comes down in his old putbol uniform and jeans.

"Mom the pancakes and waffles shirk again" sinabi Brad

"I know" sinabi Jill cleaning up the food

"Hey Randy, how do you feel playing soccer?"

"Can't I'm busy"

"Are you still working...
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This story is NOT mine! Credit goes to it's rightful owner!

Chapter 1: the visit

Tim was watching football in the house. Mark was walking round listening to Good Charlotte. Jill was looking at paper from her clients. Brad went to
college to become a putbol player. Randy was still in Costa Rica. In Detroit's airport Randy was there with his girlfriend Jamie

"I'm very scared about this," sinabi Jamie

"Don't worry I hope my parent takes this well" sinabi Randy

"I hope so, can we see my dad and my stepmom"

"Do they like jokes?"

"Not really"

"Well this will be great"

At tahanan Jill came in the living looking at...
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Chapter 11: Baby Boom

Jamie was nine months; Landon was working at a drug store and going to school.

One araw Jamie walked to her father 's house.

Jamie knocked on the door and Camilla opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. Carter" sinabi Camilla

"Hello Camilla you look nice today" sinabi Jamie

"Thank you, your dad have been waiting for, please come in," sinabi Camilla

"Thank you" sinabi Jamie entering the house.

Jamie looked around the house some things changed and some things remained the same.

Jamie looked at the kusina there was Hegbert making sopas for lunch.

Jamie moved and she stands there watching her father...
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Chapter 6: Looking Back in the past

Landon and Jamie were rushing out of kama because Landon's father was coming home. Jamie was cooking pasta and Landon was cleaning the house.

Landon looked at Jamie and he smiled. He saw Jamie pagbaba the cookbook and he saw her take off her shoes and she put on the radio.

Clay Aiken song 'The Way' was on and she were moving her feet.

It was like Landon was falling in pag-ibig with Jamie all over again. Landon smiled and he walked up to Jamie and he put his hand on her waist and they we're kinda slow dance in the kitchen.

Then the song was over and Jamie kissed...
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This tagahanga fic is NOT mine! Credit goes to the rightful owner!

Chapter 1:

Funeral. A dark cloudy araw was perfect for the theme. The line of the funeral tahanan was through the door. Everyone wanted to say their last goodbye to lovely lady of Beaufort. One sa pamamagitan ng one everyone saw this lady and met her husband who sinabi 'they'll help you in anyway'.

Finally Landon Carter went up to his wife and he sinabi goodbye to his wife forever.

"Jamie, thank you for everything" sinabi Landon sobbing

Cynthia Carter was behind him and she pattered him on his shoulder.

Landon blowed Jamie a final kiss.

Landon and Cynthia...
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credit : cristinacreation @ YT
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