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posted by SentinelPrime89
This movie has always been somewhat of an on/off experience for me. I enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters back in September of 2010 and a buwan or so after picking up the DVD, it became an obsessive compulsion from early 2011 to around mid-2012. Nowadays while I still like the movie, I have not watched it nearly as often as I used too, maybe two times between every few months. Sometimes I've held off of it for about a year. And I plan to continue it that way because back then where I call "the dark ages", that obsession was just unhealthy especially around the movie's lead female, Kate.

Now I'm reviewing it as I see it now and personally like I said, it's OK. It's nothing remarkable or special or new. It's mostly Romeo & Juliet with wolves, just like The Lion King is Hamlet with lions. The story is simple, the animation is so-so, and the characters are all likable enough even if they're simply following generic stereotypes. The movie's soundtrack is also pretty good though it'll only be memorable sa pamamagitan ng those who really have or had a good connection to this movie.

This movie's biggest flaw was and still is to this araw is the amateurish fanbase behind it now. I know only of a handful of people now who actually just treat the movie as a movie and not God's greatest gift to furrydom. It doesn't help much matters at all with the terms "wolfaboo" and "furfag" being thrown around every time someone has an opposite opinion.

I'm rambling... Anyway, my rating here is 6/10. It's an OK movie. I've seen much worse (Norm Of The North, Happily Never After, puwang Chimps, fuckin Foodfight). I'd even watch this over Frozen.
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Wow...this movie...blew me out of the water...

Plot: Runt must help a blind lobo named Daria find a tahanan while he learns about a ghost.

The plot of this movie is very deep, with lots of neat twists and turns.

Score: 5/5

Music: The music was meh in this one...

Score 4/5

Characters(Heroes): Runt is becoming a hero. He helps Daria escape evil wolves, which is a very admirable thing. The only problem I had where the Porcupines (except the male one).

Score: 4.5/5

Characters(Villains): The evil mga lobo who tried to kill Daria are despicable! They killed her mother and tried to kill her! YURUSANAI!

Score: 5/5

Final Thoughts: This movie wins best animated for this taon for me.

Final Score: 18.5/20

Would I recommend it? YES
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posted by lonewolf8547
I wake on the eve of another araw break.
feeling nothing but emptiness of my heart.
I look to my side to see where my pag-ibig should rest
knowing her unfaithful head rests on another mans chest.

The loneliness closes in
crushing my soul like walls caving in all around me.
While at nights she sleeps with comfort of anothers arms,
i sit up and weep holding on to my unan and pretending its her.

She tells me he is a friend and nothing more
then she kisses my cheek and tells me she loves me.
when we both know that she is just waiting to dump me.

and yet is sit here and wait faithful and true,
only because i still pag-ibig you...
posted by Kitsune32
Ok people here's Chapter 11.

Runt's POV

I opened my eyes and saw that I had Nawawala some calories. I looked at my siblings and saw they were not as bloated as last night. My parents began to wake up. "Hey sweetie. I see you Nawawala a little weight," Mom said. I smiled a little. "Excited for your petsa tonight son," Dad asked. "Yeah. When are we going to prepare," I asked. "Later in the afternoon," Dad said. My tummy grumbled a little as I was hungry. "Wow I'm surprise your still hungry from yesterday," Mom sinabi as we laughed. They both the yungib and time pasted until they came back with four caribou.

continue reading...
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