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There are several Barbie pelikula that I can't have enough of and wish for a Sequel or Prequel, which makes me stumble upon their fanfictions.

Keep in mind that I wish the animations of the Sequel or Prequel are the same as the original film.

1. The 12 Dancing Princesses

For those who know me, you probably guessed it. 12 DP is my favourite barbie film that is underrated and deserves a Sequel and Prequel, because the villian actually nearly managed to poison the king, get rid of the princesses and become queen. Had Genevieve & Derek not shown up, this would have been successful. So,...
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I wanted to give my opinion on how reyna Genevieve (Princess and the Pauper) is NOT Princess Genevieve (12 Dancing Princesses).

1. Princess Genevieve is logical, she easily figured out Rowena wasn't right. She could have done so Preminger too.

2. At the beginning of the movie, reyna Genevieve and the king were shown. The king's appearance was no where near Derek's.

3. When the kingdom had gone bankrupt, she could have asked for help from her sisters, as atleast some of them must have married kings.

4. In the website, Barbie pelikula Wiki, it is sinabi that Princess Genevieve's eyes are dark blue almost kulay-lila . It is also written that reyna Genevieve's eyes are deep blue.

5. Their hair mga kulay don't make sense. The queen's hair should have been lighter than the Princess' as she was older