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posted by vtech123
 The real Noddy Comet
The real Noddy Comet
Season 4, Episode 20, Mayhem On A Cross. A youthful Gordon Gordon alter ego Noddy Comet sings the 1979 hit "Better" from the Phoenix, Arizona band Blue Shoes.

Blue Shoes original recordings were recently uncovered sa pamamagitan ng Fervor Records and are available on iTunes etc.

Here's a little info about the band...

Blue Shoes: Post-Punk Power Pop Pioneers
There’s no denying Blue Shoes’ irresistible pop hooks and commercial sensibilities. Their records received heavy regional airplay and the vinyl flew off the shelves faster than some of the tuktok acts of the day, including Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.
Their quirky stage persona, led sa pamamagitan ng their androgynous vocalist, Peggy “Murph” Murphy, packed clubs and landed them on konsiyerto stages with such acts as The Talking Heads. The Best of Blue Shoes
chronicles this amazing band’s success.
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posted by spinelli
Ok, now sa pamamagitan ng the end of this artikulo (or already at the beggining, because of the title) you might be calling me crazy.
But my theory is this:

What if Parker wasn't a ghost/hallucination?
I mean, at first I did really believe he was just a figment of Booth's mind, because of the drugs and stuff.
But we do see along the episode that Parker makes physical stuff (like getting an object that was deep in the water, like carrying the lantern, like opening the hatch!) - I mean seriously, what a hell of a good hallucination, that makes that kind of physical stuff.
At first I accepted all this, but when at...
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posted by othobsessed92
Pilot [1.1]

Brennan: Tell me you tried "excuse me" first.
Angela: Ah, Sweetie. Yes, I did. Welcome home. Are you exhausted? Was Guatemala awful? Was it horribly backward?
Brennan: And yet, I was never reduced to flashing my boobs for information.

Angela: You know, diving head first in a pit of cadavers is no way to handle a messy breakup.
Brennan: Angela, nothing Pete and I ever did was messy.
Angela: [laughs] Then you weren't doing the right things.

Brennan: Look, I am sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your friends, but susunod time you should identify yourself before attacking me.

DHS Officer:...
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pag-ibig is a many splendored thing.
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