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posted by BuddyBoy600alt
 Marsupilami and Maurice misses the Disney Store so much.
Marsupilami and Maurice misses the Disney Store so much.
Well, with the Covid-19 pandemic and such, It hurt retail stores badly. Disney had to close all retail stores. And each buwan of this year, So many stores would close on the third Wednesday of each month. The Disney Store first opened on March 28, 1987 in Glendale California. We are not sure if the last 23 stores will last.
 We all miss the store. Do we?
We all miss the store. Do we?
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This store closed in 2015. I was one of the Disney Store customer.
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Ready to go on a romance, Marsupilami style?
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Aladdin (Aladdin)
Aladdin is portrayed as clever, and ultimately a good-hearted person. Like most Disney male protagonists, he is a bravo young man who seeks to win the affection of many other characters, which demonstrates his insecurity. He can be selfish and indignant at times, which is shown through the wishes he makes. He is not above lying and stealing, but never with evil intentions, but in order to survive. The biggest difference from the norm is that, unlike most youthful Disney heroes, he is a doer rather than a passive character
Words to describe Aladdin: clever, good-hearted,...
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posted by princesslullaby
I decided it was time someone wrote the listahan for saddest disney moments, so here goes. Someone else wrote the same artikulo that I completely disagreed with (half the moments were from the little mermaid) so I decided it was time for me to write my own article. Disney is known to make people laugh and cheer, but also for making people depressed and making them cry. I have cried at numerous disney films, because all of them have their sad moments. Some of my choices may surprise you. Disney is famous for it's sad moments, but to me, none are madami sad then the following list. I hope you like my...
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posted by DarkSarcasm
Well, technically, a playlist for each season. Just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Below are four lists of Disney songs that either have lyrics that apply or just have a vibe that I associate with a particular season. This is sa pamamagitan ng no means a complete list, as I have only included songs I'm familiar with that feel seasonal.

Spring songs are light, bright, and probably nature-related.

A Whole New World (Aladdin)
Following the Leader (Peter Pan)
For the First Time in Forever (Frozen)
Little April paliguan (Bambi)
Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song...
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