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"It's terrible!" Kuki shrieked.
"It's unimaginable!" Kacey cried.
"It's so worth the $125!" Kiki squealed.

For most teens, having to babysit on a Friday night isn't very fun; no matter how much they'd get paid. Kiki, however, couldn't wait to start the job. She had made a deal with a certain villain last week to watch his daughter. After a lot of bartering and a couple of threats, Kiki agreed to watch Val...for $100. Then, over the week, she was approached sa pamamagitan ng Hoagie's mom who offered to pay her 8 bucks to watch Tommy. Then Kuki's parents who offered to pay her 10 bucks to watch Mushi. Then by...
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Now, there were seven vampires. (including The Count) The Toilenator thought it was cool. He ran around saying: "I vant to suck your blood!" Kacey watched. It was dumb. Then, she headed to the Girls' bath room.
"It's ligtas to come out now." Kacey said. Megan and Abby came out. Maddy was over-joyed to see them.
"I sprayed this dumb vampire guy with mustard!" She told her sister. Megan pretended to like it. Then, Wally snuck up on them.
"BOO!" He said. Everyone jumped back. Wally got a laugh out of Kuki and Kiki.
"Quit messing around, Vally!" Christian said. "Ve have to make our army bigger!"...
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It was Thursday. 2 days before the dance. Wally had lasted 2 days of recess with Falken. Everything seemed to turn out OK. Kuki sat susunod to Wally during Thursday's lunch. He decided to talk to her.
"Eh, um, Kuki?" Wally asked. Kuki took a bite of her sandwich, chewed it, and swallowed.
"Yeah, Wally?" Kuki asked. Wally gulped.
"Um, about Falken," Wally began. "I don't really like the guy as much as you." Kuki smiled.
"You don't have to!" Kuki said. "As long as we're still friends!"
"Friends..." Wally said. "Yeah..."
Outside Kuki...
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