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In the NIGHT:

They came at Sam's and enjoy pelikula and return their home.

NEXT NIGHT: At Sam's house:

A girl in the darkness, mask mga panipi on face, light torch in hand, Two big bags near her feet, Keys in other hand tries to open the lock of tahanan money locker, Oh It's hard to find the right key to her, Trying different keys and then "Here I go" she whisper and the door of locker crack open "Ssssshh!" She sinabi to her self then begin thrusting money in the bag, when she done she close locker and her bags then jumped through the window and reached out side "I can't believe I estola the money from my...
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Made sa pamamagitan ng CaligirlSammy
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Danny Phantom Ghostly Wail From The Episode King Tuck.
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