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“Did you know that Yagami spelled backwards says ‘I’m a gay’?”

“Explain to me the logic behind MelloxNear, and I’ll give you a million bucks.”

“Does L ever change his clothes, or is he just that crazy for giant white shirts and jeans? Really, wtf is up with that?...”

“The tanong we all want answered: is Mello or girl, or does he just have really bad PMS?”

“Why did Light have to make everything so damn complicated? It wasn’t like we couldn’t tell he was gonna lose in the end… oh, did I just spoil something for you? Sorry… not.”

“Raise your hand if you also...
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Hirogaru yami no naka kawashiatta kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Korekara saki otozureru de arou subete wo
Darenimo jama saseru wake ni wa ikanai kara

In the spreading darkness I exchange a pledge for the revolution
An evil bulaklak that sprouted from pag-ibig
With everything that'll happen after this
I can't let anyone interfere with it

Kajitsu ga tsugeta mirai
Risei wo wasureta machi
Kuroku yuganda ima wo
Yume, risou ni kaeru

The prutas of the future told me
Of a town that had Nawawala all reason
The present is distorted in blackness
Changing dreams into reality

Doushite? Boku...
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