Dior Let us learn to be quiet (one).

DawenSmith posted on Sep 24, 2012 at 08:29AM

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Today I just tell you my life here link, the heart of every man and always have a secret of his own. Every individual in the mind all have so a story to tell. Can only let those in the middle of the night to the underlying. In fact, many stories don't have to out to speak to everyone, as is a memory, sad but beautiful. Learn to be quiet, learn to independent, and be a strong yourself. <p>

To be honest with other people is to protect their dignity, the best method of conscience. Choose brave on link , do a magnificent and victorious hero, not lower the head of the nobility, voluntarily surrender in small obstacle. Would like to thank the pain and frustration, it is our homework, we learn from training, then breaks, in order to truly free. Put down his ego, natural become great. When we went to sit within, and find nothing, no body, no matter, only the real energy exists, that is the source of our. As long as we don't think of yourself as the flesh, can understand our to place, the real energy is the source of all things.<p>

Use your own judgment and wisdom to understand higher world, you will be more and more familiar with the higher life, the idea of higher and higher strength are appear of link , you will one day a day than the great, no heart to think, inner strength will help you achieve. Don't let the secular problem and personal habits hinder their true I return. Whenever you unconditionally love others and expand its own quality of love, and that is your true I in the expansion. Every time to do so, you are in the open their own world, open own really me, you will become more and more great. More stories, I will share it with you when I with good mood. Thank you very much.<p></div>

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