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Before the start. . . YAY I CAN WALK!! Okay, big thing, big thing. . . XD Okay, to be serious? This part De-Di-Ca-Ted to Soxfan and James XD you guys rule the comments! For serious, you do!

Oh, and second? Just so you know it, i'm not a HxA protestiant, i like 'em, but it need to fit the story ya know, and sometimes pag-ibig hurts! i know eeeverything 'bout that! Just ask everyone i know! Somehow, everyone i know, have seen me, when i became hurt in any possible way! Kind of creepy. . .

Argh, well, story time!


I was shocked! At one time i was...
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1. I've Had The Time Of My Life~ Bill Medley feat. Jennifer Warnes
2. Heaven (slow version)~ Bryan Adams
3.Every Time We Touch~ Cascada
4. See The Light~ Paradise
5. Tell It To My Heart~ Kelly Llorenna
6. Your Caress ( All I Need)~ DJ Flavours
7. Come With Me~ Special D
8. L'Armour Toujours (Dancing DJ's Mix)~ Gigi D'Agostino
9. Poison~ Groove Coverage
10. Summer Rain(Alex K Mix)~ Slinky Minx
11. All Out Of Love~ Keira Green
12. I Think We're Alone Now~ Pascal feat. Karen Parry
13. Hungry Eye's~ Eyeopener
14. Fading Like A Flower~ Dancing DJ's
15. Good Girls Go Bad~ ulupong Starship feat. Leighton Meester
16. apoy Burning~ Shaun Kingston
17. Nawawala In Stereo~ All Time Low
18. Dancing In The Dark~ Micky Modelle v Jessy
19. Rise Again~ Breeze v Nawawala Witness
20. Leave Out All The Rest~ Linkin Park

All Of These Songs Remind Me Of DxC In There Own Ways...
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