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Courtney was looking at an old litrato of her and Duncan. It wasn't long since TDWT. At lease not in Courtney's book. It's only been a few months. Suddenly her phone rang.
Phone Call:
Chris McClain: uy Courtney!
Courtney: What do you want?
Chris: The ratings are low this new cast isn't working.
(Courtney takes time to think.)
Courtney: Will there be a prize?
Chris: Yes
Courtney: I'm in!
Chris: Great The bus will arrive tomorrow.
End of Phone call
"This time I'll win!" Courtney was sounding pretty cocky.
In Juvie
Chris walked in.
"Dude we need madami ratings you in or not?"
Chris was expecting for a no from...
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It's the night of the dance .

Courtney: look Trent I like you n stuff but...

Trent: I know, you're not Into me anymore.

He started to stare at Gwen.

Courtney: go talk to her.

Trent: I don't know if I...

Courtney: I know you like her. I also know she likes you.

Trent: thanks court.

I watch him walk over to her. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Duncan: uy princess.

Courtney: what do YOU want.

Duncan: before you kill me can I say that I'm sorry. Look I like you Alot. And I can't stop thinking about you. Plus my sister misses her "BFF". Forgive me?

Courtney: fine. But not for you for my best friend.

Duncan: do you want to dance?

Courtney: well...

Duncan: u know you want to.... Princess.

Courtney: come here you dumb... Dummy head.

Sorry if the ending was corny but hey! I have four other series to work on. Any way  u and thanks for pagbaba my stories.